Understanding Facebook Ads for Insurance Agents

If there is one thing that every insurance agent worries about, it’s getting quality leads to patronizing their products and services. Nowadays, insurance agents are always on the move to find better marketing strategies and platforms to reach potential insurance leads. Thankfully, digital marketing platforms like Facebook have created a way for small to medium-sized insurance companies to compete with billion-dollar insurance companies for quality leads. One of the most popular digital marketing strategies insurance agents worldwide are taking advantage of is Facebook advertising. Understanding Facebook ads can be vital for insurance agents competing with massive insurance companies. In this article, we’ll discuss tips insurance agents can use to launch a successful advertising campaign through Facebook, but first:

Why Facebook? 

While there are several social media platforms to choose from for advertising and social media marketing campaigns, Facebook has been the go-to digital marketing platform for insurance companies and agents looking to generate leads for their businesses. Some of the reasons why insurance agents and companies have continued to patronize Facebook over the years may include: 

  • It’s a huge, ready-made market, with an estimated 1.39 billion active monthly users, according to B2C. It is the behemoth social network. And, as an insurance agent, the platform can certainly help you broaden your reach with highly effective ads.
  • With Facebook’s advertising platform, you’ve got access to an audience that shows actual interest in your offer. You can bring them to your site by crafting irresistible ads.
  • Compared to several social media ad networks, Facebook ads are one of the cheapest. The good news is that with Facebook, you should be able to achieve $10-$30 per LEAD if you do things right. However, the range in cost will depend on your niche, location, and success of the campaign set up.

Your Guide to Understanding Facebook Ads As an Insurance Agent

Step 1. Define your goals

Before dressing for the camera or writing that video ad script, the first step is to define your market goals. While most insurance companies and agents often use Facebook ads to generate new leads and drive traffic to your website, your goal may be different. Maybe you want a broader audience to download your recently released app or learn about your new business update.


Defining your goals will help you tailor your ads, so they reach and positively impact your target audience. If you aim to generate new leads, your ad may highlight the benefits of your company’s different insurance policies and encourage people to sign up for your email list.

Step 2. Set up your Facebook Business account

You might already have a Facebook Business account to interact with existing customers. If you don’t have a Facebook Business account, set one up. Choose a relevant profile picture that makes it easy for users to identify your business. It is common for insurance agents to use a professional headshot or an informational company logo. More importantly, write short but descriptive information about your business and insurance offerings. Maybe you offer a unique insurance policy; you should consider adding it.

Step 3. Create your ad

Your goals will let you design a compelling ad with exciting visuals and a storyline. Use your phone to shoot a brief video that drives people to your website to learn more about insurance. Or use a graphic design platform to create a photo with an overlay of ad copy. You can also use design platforms like Canva and Explanido to create compelling video and explainer videos for your ad. 

Step 4. Visit Facebook Ads Manager

In the Facebook for Business platform, choose to create an ad. Facebook lets you set your objective from a multiple-choice list so it can better target clients. Next, select your audience. You can define them by location, demographics, interests, or other criteria.


Once you’ve selected your audience, decide where to run your ad. If you’re not sure of the best channel, click Automatic Placements. Then, set your budget, choose your format, and place your order. 

Step 5. Measure your returns

You can use Facebook Ads Manager to measure its success when you’ve published your Facebook Ads. It would help if you also considered integrating your Facebook ad campaign with your business CRM software to receive a notification every time you secure a lead. Use this data to tweak your ad strategy. Over time, you will learn which messages and channels get the best results, and you can start creating more successful ads.


Understanding Facebook Advertising generates leads and increases brand awareness for your insurance business, but it is essential to remember that this is just one channel for selling your insurance products. While Facebook Ads are effective for marketing, it works best when combined with other digital marketing strategies such as email marketing and building a website, so make sure those techniques are in place as well.


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