The Agent Support Network of America (ASNOA) is a leading independent insurance network, otherwise known as an insurance agency aggregator or cluster. Since 2003, we have prided ourselves on pioneering the service offerings provided to independent insurance agencies. We always have been and will be more than just carrier access.

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How Did We Become a Leading Independent Insurance Network?

The Agent Support Network of America (ASNOA) was founded in 2003 with a simple mission: to become a pioneering independent insurance network that provides more than just carrier access. We wanted to develop an insurance aggregator that offered more of a complete business solution. 

ASNOA began - and is still - a family-owned and operated business. We take pride in helping agents reach their full potential. We took our time developing ASNOA as an independent insurance network to ensure all our services and support are top of the line and provide only positive results. 

As a result, ASNOA has grown into one of the largest agency clusters in our industry and the go-to agency network for truly individualized support.

Today, ASNOA serves a diverse group of agencies big and small selling all types of insurance, primarily personal and commercial lines across the United States; all looking for the best option to independently own, operate and grow their own agency. 

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Our Vision

To provide the resources, assistance and right carrier mix so agents have the look and feel of a million-dollar revenue agency from day one. 

Our Mission

To help agents grow their business through direct carrier access, industry-specific training, marketing support, and business automation, using cutting-edge technology and devoted customer service.

Our Promise

To provide truly individualized support from passionate experts who can help grow agencies’ profitability and increase their competitive edge. 

We are here to help as your independent insurance network. Whether you are a captive agent looking to transition into owning your own business, or an independent agent looking to grow your current book of business.

See what others have to say


ASNOA arranged direct carrier appointments that we never had. The large network of ASNOA affiliates creates clout with carriers and a potent volume when it comes to calculating profit sharing.

Larry Pickard
Arizona Professional Insurance Services


The ASNOA Advantage is insurance professionals helping other insurance professionals realize their full business potential.

Mary Stiltner
Stiltner Insurance Company


Kathy's SBCL Course is a great way to get an overview of each commercial line so you have at least a basic knowledge to get started. It also provides a great deal of resources to help you learn and start selling CL.

Joe Seitzer
Homeland Insurance Group


Everyone at the sales conferences provides insightful information of new things coming and new platforms. Along with that, it is always nice to get a refresher on certain things providers or systems do that may have been forgotten!

Mitch Southwell
Southwell Insurance Agency

Appointment Types


With direct carrier appointments, you have a sub-code, your name is on the DEC pages, you have direct access to underwriters with the carrier – you own the appointment. It's yours to take and use, and you qualify for more individual performance bonuses.


Producer carrier appointments are very quick to setup, and allow you to test or have access to carriers that you're not sure if you'll use often, since there are no production requirements with a producer code. However, you aren't technically the owner.

What's better?

Each appointment type has it's time and place. Whereas ASNOA focuses on giving you as many direct appointments as possible, producer appointments help you get off the ground faster and give you access to carriers you may not hit production requirements for otherwise. In addition to these, ASNOA has both wholesale and Medicare options.