Social Media Tips for Independent Insurance Agents

Social media is unquestionably a powerful marketing tool that you can employ to promote your business, your products and services. Professional insurance agents may have their own Facebook or social media page. But that is not enough! You have to constantly find ways to keep your page interesting to your target audience and therefore, keep your traffic coming.

Here are several suggestions from marketing experts:

Independent Insurance Agents Near Me: Be Available

Feature a discussions section on your page. This section will allow you to have interactions with your current and potential clients. Encourage them to ask questions and to comment on certain matters regarding insurance. You certainly have the expertise. Be willing to share your knowledge and educate your policyholders. Utilize this section as an opportunity for you to clarify things and offer honest help.

You can even use statistics to promote your insurance products. This way, you can actually build genuine rapport with your clients. Remember, when these clients are happy with the way you deal with them, you may get the referrals you’ve been looking for.

Use Testimonials

Of course, you may use the testimonials you receive from your clients to attract new clients and retain old ones. Testimonials are powerful since they add more credibility to your page and your agency. Just make sure that you have sought the consent of your clients if you use their testimonials in your marketing activities.

Keep Readers Up-to-Date

You may also include a section about the latest insurance news in your social media page. This provides your audience with more information about the current insurance environment, and keeps them in the know about events that could impact their insurance needs.

Use Trending Topics

Hashtags function as the modern keyword searches, so including relevant hashtags in your posts will increase the visibility of your content. Why don’t you ask the opinion of your clients on certain trending topics? This is an exciting way to further establish the personality and reachability of your agency and it is a quick way to create dialogue with clients! Just make sure that you avoid being self-absorbed. Instead, stay focused on your audience. Focus on things relevant, interesting and important to your readers and clients.

Holiday-themed Posts

People seem to be very interested with the “what about” and “where about” when we talk of holidays. There’s always something to look forward to every time Valentine’s Day or Christmas rolls around! Greet people during these days, and feature photos and suggest holiday-themed events. Remember, social media is really all about social engagement and interaction.


You can never go wrong with quotes. People like to read famous quotes. They like to be inspired. They remember inspirational quotes, and these quotes are just one google search away! They are easy to generate and will certainly be a reason for your followers to visit your page whenever they can! Try to tailor your quotes to current issues, events, and the content of your posts!

Throwback and Interesting Photos

Experts suggest that you may feature interesting photos at least once a week on your page- whether the photo be of a community event, beautiful natural sceneries or just anything about human interest, each photos personalize your brand and make your business more socially approachable.


Like quotes, you can also never go wrong with humor. Feature funny posts, images, memes and videos. Most of the time, people look for entertainment. When in certain ways you truly entertain them in your posts, they will really have reason to revisit and follow your page.

This Day in History

A lot of social media marketers are featuring this in their pages. This will add content to your page and will be interesting to certain groups of people.

Follow the Principles

Business experts actually do have suggested principles when employing social media to market your business.

  • Provide information. People are more likely to talk about your products, your services, your business when they know a lot about you.
  • Provide exclusivity. People will appreciate it if you make them feel special. You can do that by offering information, products, services, even advice that are available only to your customers.
  • Design products with talking points and consumers’ desired self-images in mind. This will stimulate word of mouth and social media based conversations. People will talk about companies, products and services that are interesting, fun, intriguing, highly visible and emotionally engaging.
  • Be outrageous. People tend to talk about things which are somewhat outrageous.
  • Utilize the power of stories. Experts say that memorable stories tend to be retold from one person to another, from one client to a friend to another friend.
  • From one-way traffic to an interactive avenue. People will be bored if you keep on talking without giving them the opportunity to say their opinions, ask and communicate.

These are provided by the Independent Insurance Agents Association

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