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ASNOA University's personal insurance training was created to give you confidence, basic knowledge, resources and tools to sell Personal Lines Insurance. Our mission is to provide you with the knowledge necessary to increase revenue and efficiency in operating your agency. This course is FREE to ASNOA Affiliates.

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Understand personal insurance at a deeper level

Learn all the definitions you never knew, principles around salesmanship, best practices, and how to give your best elevator pitch to close the sale.

Interact with experts and peers in small groups

Take advantage of a live instructor who can answer questions, expand into concepts, and administer quizzes throughout the course.

Explore all of Applied Epic's capabilities

Learn how to efficiently utilize your agency management system to track sales growth and goals. Get tips on how to handle entering difficult policies.

Personal Insurance Training Course Syllabus

Current Semester: Spring Semester (May 6 - May 26, 2021)

Our Graduates

Susan Dixon
Holly Linder - Allegiance Insurance Services (1)
LaCrisha Kenebrew - The Boss Insurance Group (1)
ASNOA University Personal Insurance Training

Take quizzes and tests to keep yourself on track to succeed.

There will be quizzes throughout each personal insurance training to help with your learning process. You will be required to take an exam at the end of each chapter. Don't worry, you can re-take the exam up to three times. Exams are open-book and do not require a monitor. You must pass each exam with a 70% or better to receive your diploma.

Laura Collage

About the Presenter:
Laura Hamilton, PLCS, SBCS
Director of Education

Laura Hamilton has been in the insurance industry since 2005 in a captive agent until the agency owner realized that the grass is greener on the other side and joined ASNOA.

Since 2007, Laura has primarily specialized in personal insurance training as part of the ASNOA family. She focuses on creating online tutorials, resources and trainings to help eliminate redundancies with customer service. She also helps agents in individual trainings on remarketing, report management, standard operating procedures, and agency management systems.

Laura has continued to develop training procedures that are implemented every day by other trainers. Every month, Laura hosts and creates a web session called Live with Laura. This web session gives a stronger focus on specific features within the management system and to guide users to better operate their agency. To see a schedule of upcoming Live with Laura's check out our Events Calendar.

Laura continues to develop classes to help other agents and customer service reps make the best of their insurance skills by developing a Personal Lines Coverage Course. This personal insurance training course gives producers a better understanding of personal lines coverage and customer service skills. See all of the classes Laura teaches by exploring the ASNOA University or subscribing to the ASNOA Training YouTube Channel!

Register for Personal Lines Coverage Course

At this time, registration for the PLCC is closed. However, feel free to register for the Summer Semester of SBCL! 


ASNOA University is pleased to announce the ASNOA Learning Management System!

The ASNOA Learning Management System (LMS) is pioneering the industry! Receive specialized training, advance your knowledge, and set yourself up to maximize your income potential. This platform offers exclusive carrier training, specialized learning paths, and all the educational resources needed to ensure elevated performance, and agency success.