Higher Commissions, Higher Agency Value

With ASNOA, you make more as an independent agent. With higher close rates and retention ratios, coupled with our profit sharing and commission splits, you are always earning more.

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Better Commissions for Independent Insurance Agents

  • Higher average new business commission percentages with personal, commercial and life

  • Hold more appointments with less premium (Typical requirements are ¼ of those required as an independent agent. Lower carrier minimum requirements mean more options to place business.)

  • Higher close ratio (Average ASNOA agent close rate is 80+%)

  • Higher retention ratio (Average ASNOA agent renewal rate is 95%)

  • Higher average renewal commission percentages

  • Commissions are transparently shared across the network

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Preferred Profit Sharing

Most independent insurance networks set a threshold requirement to qualify for any profit sharing. With ASNOA, if you qualify for a bonus, you get your bonus. You are never disqualified for profit-sharing due to performance with just one carrier.

  • No additional qualifiers to your profit sharing (i.e. loss ratio, retention, new business growth, aggregated ratios, etc...) All qualifiers are set forth by carriers, and ASNOA does not add any.

  • Higher profit-sharing matrix through pooled premiums

More Growth Bonuses, Spiffs & Contests for Independent Insurance Agents

  • Bonuses are siloed and earned by each carrier - so one major loss only hits that carrier's specific bonus

  • Qualify for higher bonus amounts with ASNOA’s shared premium volume

  • Enjoy these added revenue perks more often because of ASNOA’s long standing high performance with carriers

Write what you want, not what you’re told. Let incentive programs be fun & rewarding again, never limiting. Is your client getting a rate hike? No problem, you can just shop it with different carriers and earn toward those spiffs too.

Carrier ASNOA Minimum Met Loss Ratio Met Growth Ratio Met Bonus Amount

Total Bonus Summary: $6,250

Larger Co-Op & Cost Sharing Programs

Experience carriers fighting for your business vs just trying to make it fit.

  • Access more cost sharing programs with carriers because of ASNOA’s premium volume

  • Save money using ASNOA's discounted vendors and solutions to get your business setup quickly and efficiently

  • Vendor partner discounts are regularly added for ASNOA agents to save money on new business solutions

Your Business Will Be Worth More

The equity of your book is worth more because...

  • Newly acquired books can be simply rolled with our plug and play system
  • Agency data is created and managed in a digital format, then supported in-house
  • When it comes time to sell, ASNOA books typically command a 2.5 - 3x revenue return (thanks to our carrier and management system alignment)

Our program fits every career outlook.

ASNOA agencies on average have the highest resell value because of our network marketplace. We have spent time developing a competitive landscape for mergers, acquisitions, and sales that have proven time and again to be successful. We also assist with your succession planning or sale, and the transition of ownership if done in the network.

And as with all things ASNOA, you are not captive. So you can sell your business outside of the network at any time.

Ready to start making more?

Contact us today and speak with a representative who can explain how you could make more with ASNOA.