The Digital Customer Experience

The age-old question, “how do I get more leads, generate more sales, and help more customers?”  


Agents are asking that question more frequently, especially in the current market. We believe Independent Agencies can enhance their lead-generating capabilities by leveraging a digital customer experience, regardless of whether we are social-distancing or back to business as usual. But, what does that mean exactly?


Let’s look at some data that Openly was able to capture from a subset of agencies


Let’s look at some data that Openly was able to capture from a subset of agencies. On a given week, an average agency has 200 online visitors viewing their website. Of these, 50 end up visiting the “get a quote” or equivalent page. You’d hope these 50 visitors would either pick up the phone to call your office, fill out an online contact form, or proceed with an online quote if that option was available. The reality is that only about 10 of these visitors take that step. Sure, some of those visitors may call you later or visit the site again at another time, but the majority of these visitors are going somewhere else, resulting in potentially 40 visitors a week being lost in the shuffle.  If you extrapolate that daily missed opportunity volume to a full year, you’re looking at over 2,000 leads that are potentially missed opportunities. With 2,000 leads and a conservative 10% conversion rate, you’re looking at 200 lost sales and $250,000 in premium a year, at no additional marketing cost.


So how could agencies capture this lead volume?

We recommend three ways that successful agencies can take advantage of this opportunity:

  • Understand your website traffic and who you’re losing in the process.

The metrics look different for every company, but even the largest companies have inefficiencies in their system that could generate meaningful benefit if improved. Most website providers have built-in analytics capabilities that enable you to view page traffic and click rates. If you don’t have the internal capabilities to analyze the results, ask your carrier partners for help.

  • Provide an enhanced digital customer experience.

When a website visitor reaches the “get a quote” page, what options do you offer?  Direct carriers and tech-enabled agencies integrate with partners like Glia to use data and intelligent prompting as a way to engage with visitors and keep them online. It’s not the traditional webchat prompting you’d experience on most websites; these companies provide enhanced webchatting capabilities, audio chat, and co-browsing. Instead of having a potential customer leave your website, a sales or service agent could conduct a proactive webchat to answer their questions and provide a real-time quote. Technology partners like Glia can maximize your agents’ time while capturing more website visitors.

  • Find an insurtech that simplifies the process.

If you could ask your website visitors why they left your site, one of the top responses you’d hear is that they wanted an online quote, and the option either wasn’t available or the inputs looked daunting. That’s where new insurtechs come into play. Companies like Openly are modernizing the quoting process to take as little as fifteen seconds to generate a bindable quote. With these technology-driven partners and carriers, you can provide a real-time quote within minutes and interact with prospective customers more quickly. (See how this works with this simple example)


More consumers are engaging online as part of the insurance shopping experience, especially when it’s become difficult to connect in person. If you want to take advantage of your website traffic, check out digital, customer-experience technology and pair it with an insurtech company that enables an efficient quoting process. You’ll likely be able to generate more quotes and see an increase in your sales!

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