Applied Epic 2020 Review

Finally, some exciting news for a change: Applied Epic 2020 arrived on June 7, 2020!

This article will cover:

  1. Some of the new features
  2. The new available integrations
  3. What do I need to do to get the 2020 version?
  4. Wait, what is Applied Epic?

Highlights of the New Features

Home Screen

Several enhancements to the home screen on Applied Epic 2020 include instant access to client contact information for Activities and Opportunities. This makes it easier than ever to provide efficient customer service, as well as timely follow-ups with prospects to win opportunities. For example, Activities now show client name AND phone number on one screen.


You can now instantly view your most recent 20 accessed accounts. This helps speeds up the servicing process, cutting down on search times for you and your staff.

Also, you can apply global address changes across accounts. Yes, you heard me right. Finally, you can make an address change and it will automatically update that change across the contact, proof of insurance, policy servicing/billing area.


A monthly estimated premium has been added to policies to help you better gauge your business growth. Applied has also included new renewal stages to better track your retention process. And, lastly, there are new viewing options for policies that make it much easier and faster to find what you are looking for in the system.


Applied has reduced the amount of time and frustration you have to endure in the Downloads Workflow. Once a policy downloads, Applied automatically closes the activity for that policy. You no longer need to manually go back in and update your activities!

Column Settings

You can now determine/customize the first columns you see in Applied Epic. You can filter your columns to view policies, activities, claims, suspense, etc. first based on your personal preference.

Additional Fun Features

A message now automatically pops up that lets you know why a policy goes into suspense. This helps you and your staff to recognize and reduce the number of items that go into suspense for recurring issues.

You can move things OUT of your deleted files. Now, if you accidentally deleted a suspense item, or need to return to that policy, you can go into the Recycle Bin and retrieve the policy. It is no longer gone, deleted, disappeared, sucked into a black hole!

There is now a note area in suspense. This streamlines communication among your staff to make everyone more efficient and happy.

New Integrations Available


If your organization uses Indio to streamline the application and renewal process for your clients, you can now streamline your own workflows by accessing Indio directly from Applied Epic. This means you can leverage Epic client account information right in Indio, rather than having to open a separate browser window to continue a submission.

You can perform the “Export to Indio” action from client detail, the Policies area, the Policy Marketing area, or Renewals Manager.

If you do not currently use Indio but would like more information about adding it to your solution portfolio, CLICK HERE TO JOIN THE TRAINING on June 16, 2020, at 11:00 AM CST or contact

Leads Inbox

EPIC 2020 update includes new features like Leads Inbox. The new Leads Inbox allows you to integrate with various lead gen programs and automatically bring leads into your Applied Epic data. This is essential for a fast-paced and increasingly digital insurance industry.

What Do I Need to Do to Get the Applied Epic 2020 Update?

  1. Restart Your Computer
  2. Restart Applied Epic

It’s as simple as that! If you purchased a new computer or laptop, you may need to go through additional steps. Click here to see the full installation instructions from Applied Epic.

There are many more features to go over, and we are visual learners here at ASNOA. As a result, we invite you all to review the Live with Laura Epic 2020 Recap! Find it on Training’s YouTube channel HERE.

Wait, What IS Applied Epic?

Applied EPIC is your agency management system that offers key benefits to gain a single view of your customers, connect with your insurer partners, and manage sales processes and opportunities.

Gain greater visibility across your entire book of business. Power your agency with the only system in the industry that has integrated capabilities to manage P&C, Benefits, and Sales in a single application. As the world’s most widely used agency management system, Applied Epic®’s integrated and open architecture provides essential capabilities for each stakeholder within your agency to better manage customer relationships, sales opportunities, market access, reporting, business processes, policy, and benefits administration.

ASNOA has full-time training staff available to help with all your Applied Epic questions. To learn more about how we support independent insurance agencies, go to

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