How to Compare Insurance Networks

More money, independence, access, how many times have you heard these buzz words from other networks you’ve interviewed? The truth is they lure you in with these promises, but once affiliated, you’re quick to see the tarnish under the shine. We don’t mean to burst your bubble, but we’re tired of watching independent agents fall victim to these false promises. That’s why we’ve created a list of questions to take with you when interviewing potential clusters!


Use these five questions to decide what network is right for you

  1. Is there a startup cost? A lot of networks will have a significant startup cost just to be associated with the network. If that’s the case, always ask if there’s an additional charge for additional support!
  2. Are there transparent earnings? Transparent earning is important because a network can tell you you’re getting 100% of commission, but they are not telling you about back-end deals and if they are withholding money from profit sharing.
  3. Do you have a non-compete? Being put out of business for a certain amount of time is always a big concern. If you have a prime carrier line up and you decide to leave, you won’t be able to use those carriers for a hot minute.
  4. What kind of backroom support is provided? Does this network offer their affiliates trainings, accounting, marketing, etc.? If not, those are all essential pieces to running a successful agency, and they will cost you.
  5. Finally, what are your exit options? Maybe you haven’t put much thought into it, but here are some ideas of what you should be able to do if you leave a network: Sell your book and keep the profits; Pass it along to someone of your choosing (succession planning); And leave without a non-compete.

Don’t let buzz words like ‘greater access’ distract you from the fine print! You should get out of a cluster what you put into it. Obviously, we’d like you to consider us, but we want you to see the ASNOA Advantage for yourself. Use these questions when researching other networks, and we also encourage you to ask these questions when interviewing us! To learn more, contact and check out this article about What to Consider before Joining an Insurance Aggregator!

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    • Glad you find it helpful! Our sales team is always happy to talk about more intricacies between the clusters too. Things are always changing and it’s good to stay caught up with it all!


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