Social Media Contest Ideas

Everyone is preaching about how quickly social media can boost your visibility, but nobody is showing you how. Inspired by our upcoming class on Digital Touch Points (part of the ASNOA U Virtual Road Trip) lead by Communications Assistant Madeline Smith, we’ve put together the top five easiest social media contests guaranteed to spice up your digital marketing!

  1. Caption Contest: You post a funny picture (what it’s like working remotely/from home) and ask your clients to think of a caption. The funniest caption will win a gift card
  2. Trivia Contest: You post a trivia fact (we recommend an interesting fact about your agency) and ask people to answer it for a prize! Winners could be announced for individual questions, or this could be a series where questions are asked for a specific length of time.
    • We recommend stating, “The first person to answer correctly wins…” so you have a clearly defined winner.
    • You also have the option to center the trivia around an upcoming event, like an auto show, to drive visibility towards your participation. 
  3. Selfie Contest: Ask people to post their funniest, most creative picture incorporating your company logo!
  4. Special Day Contest: Identify some special days (holidays, community events, etc.) on the calendar and ask people how your agency should participate! Have your team vote to decide your favorite answer, and give the person who suggested it a prize!
    • This is an easy way to build involvement in your local community, and a great opportunity to reach out to local businesses and form a referral partnership! Our blog about forming symbiotic relationships is a great place to start.
  5. Guess the product contest: This is the perfect kind of contest to show off all of your provided services. One of the spaces is left blank for the audience to guess the product. A one-line hint was given and whoever guessed it right stood a chance to win the product itself.
    • Tip: Put a picture together of objects that hint at the answer and ask people to guess!

If you’re worried these contest could break the bank, consider changing your prizes! Instead of randomly selecting gift cards, establish a referral partnership with a local business to get more warm leads from your marketing efforts. Giving away agency-branded swag can also boost your visibility, but make sure to invest in sought-after items. Create a “Swag Bag” of useful items like tire-pressure gauges, collapsible coolers, umbrellas, and more! We like to throw in a Yeti mug now and again, because who doesn’t love those!

The key to these contests is to make them your own, so personalize them to your clientele and your agency’s mission. You know your local market the best, think about what they would like to see from you. For more tip and advice about social media marketing, register for the ASNOA U Virtual Road Trip and get Madeline’s full list of contest ideas. Be sure to check out ASNOA’s social media for more examples!

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