IA Moving Checklist

So you’ve decided to relocate your agency which means you are primed for big revamp, and I’m not just talking about redecorating your office. Whatever the reason may be, moving presents a great marketing opportunity to expand your prospecting and connect with current and past clients. Moving is stressful, but your marketing shouldn’t be which is why we created a list so you can make the most out of your relocation.

Here’s how you can take advantage of your change in environment:

  1. You should reach out to your customers and prospects

While you’re going through the process of relocating, you should use your time to reach out to potential customers and touch base with existing ones. Create an email for your current clients informing them of your move and include a reason why. If your agency is expanding, this is a great time to mention how much its grown in the past few years. Maybe you’re downsizing the office space because more of your team can work from home. In that case, let your customers know that your team will have more availability to take calls.

For prospects I’d recommend the “New Neighbor” approach. Create an email (or some postcards/other print material) that presents your agency as new to the neighborhood. In this communication, you can include your specialties (Life insurance, flood insurance, etc.) that are relevant to your surrounding area. Be sure to also direct people to your website and add your agency contact information so prospective clients can reach you. This is one example of how you can use your relocation as a springboard for a continued or renewed sales conversation.

  1. Use your move as social media content

Moving is an great way to spice up your social media presence because it’s easy to get your audience involved in the process. Post photos of your team packing up the old office or launch a campaign where your followers have to guess your new location! This keeps your Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram audiences in the know and is a great way to foster a fun online connection with your customers! Don’t think you’re quite ready to be on Twitter? Read our article on why most small businesses should be on Twitter for a better understanding of how to use Twitter to grow your network.

  1. Take care of the SEO basics

Your agency gets more traffic than you think. Make sure your business’s name, address, and phone information is exactly the same across the internet. This includes major sites like Facebook, Google, and Yelp for starters, but don’t forget about the indirect information sources like Better Business Bureau. Updating your information and verifying it through Google keeps your business findable, and according to Adpearance.com, this also keeps the customer’s experience seamless when they search for your company. You want to be sure that your agency is popping up when prospects search “insurance near me.”

Once you’ve taken care of your local SEO, it’s time to look at your website. Updating your address and contact information on your website will help Google and other search engines verify the legitimacy of your business and help your agency show up in search results in your local area.

This article is made available by ASNOA for educational purposes only as well as to give you general information and a general understanding of the law. It does not aim to provide specific legal advice. By using this blog, you understand there is no attorney-client relationship between you and ASNOA. We strongly recommend consulting a lawyer for individual needs of your business.

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