Merry Social Media Marketing Ideas

2020 is FINALLY wrapping up, which means everyone is rushing to wrap up loose ends and close out the year on a high note. If your social media creativity is as empty as my grandma’s cookie jar, try focusing on having fun this holiday season. The great thing about the winter holidays is that they give you unique opportunities to build stronger connections with your clients, so take advantage of the season and start incorporating yourself into the posts! Your business is built by real people, and your clients want to see that.

These merry marketing ideas will help get you started!

  1. Dress Up for Ugly Sweater Day

Let’s face it, everyone loves seeing people in ugly sweaters, so why not make a contest out of it! On December 20 (Ugly Sweater Day), ask your team to take photos in their craziest holiday sweaters and post them on your business pages for your clients to vote on! If you’re in the giving mood, why not encourage your clients to post their own ugly sweater picture on your page! Be sure to include a festive holiday hashtag as well.

  1. Show Off Your Baking Skills

If you’re tired of posting pictures on your page and want to try something new, try your hand at creating video clips! Everyone loves watching baking videos, so make one of your own and post it on your social media. Pick your favorite holiday recipe and show your audience how you usually make it, maybe incorporate a few tidbits about your own holiday traditions or some funny family stories. This way your clients get to know you better and will feel more involved with your agency.

  1. Celebrate the First Day of Winter

For some of us, it’s been cold for a while now, but the first day of winter is actually on December 21, 2020! Why not post a picture of you and your family enjoying the winter weather and share some safety tips with your customers to prepare them for the colder temperatures?

  1. Send Out Holiday Cards

Everyone loves getting mail around the holidays. Create a list of your clients and their addresses (you can do this in Epic) and mail out holiday or New Year’s cards from your agency. A fun spin is creating a traditional holiday card with a picture of your entire team and hang-signing the inside to make the client’s experience more personal. Customers like to be appreciated, and a holiday card can keep your independent agency on their radar (

  1. Start a “12 Days of Tips”

You don’t have to celebrate the holiday to recognize the reference, so build off that catchy jingle and post a featured tip on each of the twelve days before Christmas!

Here are some ideas to get you started:

  • How to prepare homes for subzero temperatures
  • How to make sure your vehicle runs throughout the winter
  • How to insure gifted jewelry

You should stress about social media marketing during the holidays. This time of the year is about appreciating what you have and looking forward to a new year of opportunities, and your social media should reflect that. Share glimpses into your life with fun pictures or stories of your family’s holiday traditions. Your clients are more likely to engage with your content because they feel included in your celebrations.

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