Discounted Solutions for Independent Insurance Agencies and Agents

We want to help you save money and time on your everyday business needs. Our goal is to give you more discounted options than anyone, so you have the benefit of choosing what’s right for you.

Discounted Solutions

Discounted Solutions for Independent Insurance Agencies and Agents

We want to help you save money and time on your everyday business needs. Our goal is to give you more discounted options than anyone, so you have the benefit of choosing what’s right for you.

Helping you grow your agency with more than just carrier appointments.

We want to save you time and money by partnering with top-rated companies that can help seamlessly innovate angrow your business. ASNOA knows you are incredibly busy running a fast-paced agency. So, we took the time to research, compare/contrast and negotiate exclusive deals for your common business needs - so you wouldn’t have to. Take a look at our menu of discounted solutions for insurance agents below. If there is something you don't see, simply email contact us for questions.

Licensing & Continuing Education


You have career goals and a lot you want to achieve. ASNOA trusts ExamFX for your pre-licensing training. ExamFX is the nationwide leader for insurance and securities pre-licensing training and continuing education. They have trained over six million since 1996 and continue to be the innovator in online learning technology. 

Their interactive learning portal allows you to navigate through the material in a manner that fits your learning style. Whether desktop or on-the-go, you can learn in an environment that suits your needs.  

Learn more about the products and study tools available for you to purchase at up to 41% OFF retail prices.

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WebCE offers more than required insurance continuing education courses – they offer online insurance CE courses you actually want to take. Their insurance CE courses cover a broad range of insurance industry topics, including long-term care courses, annuities training, healthcare and more. Each year they deliver over 1,000,000 insurance CE courses for insurance and financial planning professionals. With WebCE, you can easily fulfill your insurance continuing education requirements while learning something new or developing your specialty.

Have training or education questions that we can help answer? Contact the ASNOA Training Team today!

Digital Marketing

Agency Revolution

ASNOA has partnered with Agency Revolution to provide ASNOA members with cutting edge marketing automation tools built for insurance agencies.

You’re invited to try Fuse™, a powerful automation system that integrates with Applied Epic to streamline your agency and deliver a world-class experience to your customers. To get started with Fuse™, contact ASNOA today.

In addition to Fuse™, Agency Revolution has several other website development and marketing options for an agency looking to grow.

Need a consult on your marketing plan or have a quick question you want to ask a marketing expert? Contact today!

Blitz Sales Software

Having a system understand your own personal sales process can be the difference between adding a new customer and missing an opportunity. ASNOA has partnered with Blitz to help you automate sales tasks and processes. You can pick and choose proper times to schedule appointments, send the right email at the right time, and close more deals with your contacts.

Blitz is like adding another team member on your staff specifically to make sure you follow up with your contacts at the right time. With Blitz Sales Software, you can schedule appointments, send emails, update dispositions of contacts using intelligent automation.


  • Survey

    Build a happier, more engaged frontline team. Improve customer experience and online reputation.

  • Monitor

    Protect the enterprise by monitoring social media activity to ensure compliant social posts and marketing content.

Improve Online Reputation, Create Social Proof and Stay Compliant. Power your brand using social proof — let your happy customers digitally endorse you and increase conversion with our completely automated reputation management platform.

  • Listings

    Instantly control and manage your brand’s digital online presence with accurate location listings.

  • Promote

    Retain your best employees, attract great talent and improve online reputation with voice of employee content.

E-Signature Solutions


Electronically sign, and prepare, act on, and manage agreements to deliver great experiences for your customers and employees. With ASNOA, you can easily integrate e-signatures right out of your agency management software, Applied Epic. Easily send documents for your clients right from their profile in Epic. Set automatic reminders for signatures, create alerts for your staff, and so much more.

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Live Oak Bank

ASNOA has partnered with Live Oak Bank to act as your insurance agency acquisition guide. They are here to help with:

  • Tax considerations of buying and selling and agency
  • The characteristics of a good buy-sell agreement
  • How to value an agency, structure an acquisition, and determine valuation multiples
  • Preparedness for perpetuation
  • Post-acquisition checklists for insurance agencies
  • And more


The people at Agile Cap provide individualized services tailored to you, because they understand that your needs are unique. They understand the insurance industry and want to help your business grow. With AgileCap you can access loans up to $2 million and receive your funds within days. Unlike traditional lenders, they realize that your commissions are more than just income. They evaluate your portfolio of ongoing commissions and collateralize it to provide you with timely access to the capital you need.

Phone Systems

Aline Phone Systems

Your VoIP Phone Systems shouldn’t be difficult to manage. Aline is a cloud-based, VoIP phone system that makes your business more efficient and connected. Send calls wherever you choose at any time of day from any internet-connected location with their mobile app, call forwarding or voicemail to email features. Customer satisfaction is number one with Aline Phone Systems. They believe that in order to help your business grow and succeed, you need a great phone system and great relationships with your provider.

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Interacting with contacts and possible clients has never been easier with Call Logic! Call Logic is an MRI Network Compliant Auto Dialing Software that makes administering outbound calls easier for both agencies and agents. Cover significantly more territory in less time when developing new or dormant markets. No more listening to ringing phones, voicemail messages, or leaving the same message over and over. Call Logic lets you send emails directly from the dialing screen while on the phone.

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ProNavigator is a workflow automation platform that provides customers, agents, and underwriters with the answers they need, right when they need them. By retrieving accurate answers on demand, their chatbot solution overcomes the chronic delays that slow down the insurance industry—making agents, underwriters, and support staff 10-20% more productive. The result? Increased sales, higher customer and job satisfaction, and improved retention.

ASNOA has partnered with ProNavigator to develop their insurance-specific intelligence that takes the non-revenue generating service work off of your team's plates.


Long gone is the fax machine — replaced by mobility and algorithms. Today, agents (and the insureds they represent) demand instant results. If the business can’t be conducted quickly and efficiently, customers will move on. Appulate powers the digital transformation of insurance by bringing together the insured, agent, wholesale broker, MGA and carrier on a single “point of sale” platform designed to expedite the rate, quote and even bind process for property and casualty risks. Carriers and MGAs use Appulate to not only digitize their products and programs but to expose them to more than 30,000 agencies using Appulate today.