Why Your LinkedIn Sucks

Think your LinkedIn profile is attractive?

Take another look. Would you glance twice at it if you were a prospective company or client? If your answer is no, we’ve got you covered. Here are some quick and easy tips to spice up your profile!

Add More Content

  • Make a longer, more detailed ‘summary’ section with key words people in your job market are searching for. Aim for three to five short paragraphs with relevant information!
  • Use words found in your target job description and incorporate them into your ‘summary’ and ‘experience’ sections.
  • Your ‘summary’ should also include the following: your passions, key skills, qualifications, and various industries you’ve worked in.
  • Try to incorporate more numbers into your profile! People are often easily swayed by persuasive numbers and statistics. Use whatever you have in your favor!
  • Your ‘experience’ section should include almost all jobs you’ve held. It should look full and include descriptions of what you did, how well you did it and who you helped.

Stay active!

  • Upload any presentations, photos, projects, and other media you’ve created for your current and past jobs. Similar statistics, the proof is in the pudding when it comes to design and projects. Rather than describe the job you’ve done, let prospective clients or employers see the work you’ve done and judge for themselves!
  • Add your volunteer experience! Volunteering speaks both to character and to ambition, and is viewed as a positive trait by nearly every employer.
  • Utilize LinkedIn’s publishing platform by writing about current events in your industry or give your opinion on changes / topics!
  • Join LinkedIn groups relevant to your job; this shows that you are engaged within your field!
  • Add any additional contact links such as email and other social media accounts you would like to be reached at!

Let us know in the comments section how these tips helped you! Feel free to share any other tips you think can be helpful for independent agents.

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