Do you HAVE to call clients at renewal?

Why you should always call your clients at renewal?

No matter how successful you are, come renewal time you always have that one teeny tiny thought pop in your head: why not just let the sleeping bear lay? It would be so easy to just let the policy automatically renew. No hard phone call to discuss rate increases, no time spent listening to concerns you can’t do anything about…

We both know that you can’t do that. Prioritizing time between building new business and servicing existing clients is tough, but making those phone calls and sending those emails around renewal time has to be done, especially in a market where close ratios with new clients are drastically low.

One successful captive agent suggested a pretty smart trick to me the other day:

  • For policies renewing with rate increases – let your senior agents handle those calls. They are better able to service the questions, concerns and complaints, and will increase your chances of retaining the business. And when in doubt, the tried and true personal visit does just the trick to make that customer feel cared for.
  • For policies renewing without changes – give these to your newer agents. They can quickly move through these to make more time for recruiting new clients.
  • For policies renewing with rate decreases – have your senior agents handle these as well. The experienced agent will know exactly how to turn the positive experiences into referrals and influential reviews. To keep your newer agents motivated, invite them along as a learning experience!

No one ever complains about being too successful, but sometimes there just aren’t enough hours in the day. Here at ASNOA, we get it. That’s why our focus stays on you; marketing, promotional content, on-going education, accounting and systems training, we provide it all so that you can stop pounding the pavement and finally catch up on some Z’s.

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