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Since Safeco started offering a website grader for insurance agents, many members of our network have started to reach out for suggestions on how to improve their Google standing and overall web traffic. We created a list of the most common things independent agents can update that can not only improve your Safeco score, but the quality of your customers experiences as well.

Experiment with new content

Start regularly updating the content on your website. Content freshness is an trick to improve your SEO and drive traffic to your website ( What this means is you will need to remove your outdated content and add new sections to stay relevant. This could range from completely revamping webpages to creating landing pages that require monthly refreshes like corporate outreach pages where you add new charities and volunteer work your agency is doing. If you’re just looking to make little touch ups, a great place to start is by incorporating wording from your customers’ reviews!

Another great way to consistently add new content that does not require a lot of work on your end is to incorporate reviews onto your website! Many web design applications like Wix have special plugins that you can add to your landing pages that automatically update whenever a customer leaves a new review. The reviews are then visible on your website, and prospects can even scroll through to view other people’s experiences.

Submit your site to search engines

Did you know that you can request search engines like Google to look over your site? It’s called web crawling and indexing, meaning Google or other search engines follow links to discover the most important pages and store information about all the found pages for later retrieval. This greatly increases your odds at appearing on results pages for relevant searches.

To submit your site to Google: Use Search Console.

Build out your backlinks

Backlinks are another important component to SEO. When another site links to your website, it signals to search engines that your site is trustworthy and relevant to the featured words (the clickable words on the outside website). Backlinks can drive traffic to your agency themselves in addition to boosting your SEO. Users scrolling on those other websites may click on your featured link to learn more about a topic, and they may go on to explore your website and offerings.

Check out your competition

There are resources that allow you to the main traffic sources of your competitors. This can help you understand which marketing channels you should check out. The Alexa tool is a web app that allows you to analyzing your competitors webstats as well as your own. According to, you can type in your competitor’s website, scroll to “Upstream sites,” and look at the list of websites that were visited immediately before landing on your competitor’s website. Basically, you can follow prospects’ habits that lead them to make buying decisions.

If you see that Google tends to be the top choice, then you need to focus on Google Ads and SEO. If Facebook is the top website then you know you’ll need to create Facebook ads. Or if a niche blog is the highest source of traffic you can then focus on building out an outreach strategy to collaborate with that blog.

Put exclusive content on your website

Adding exclusive content to your website is a great way to add promotional and educational opportunities while driving prospects to your offerings. Examples of exclusive content can be starting a blog, creating presentations and videos, and publish other relevant content to your site. It’s helpful to also promote these updates on other platforms like your Facebook Business Page, that will help get your audience in the habit of expecting new information. also states that quizzes are an effective lead generation tool that boast high conversation rates. They are fun, easy ways to get clients to interact with your content while also allowing you to analyze their answers. When prospects finish a quiz, they should be able to share their results on social media, and that post will link back to your website for other people to visit.

Taking the time to implement these tips on your website can improve the performance, experience, and customer conversation rate. You can put more distance between your agency and your competitors with simple content updates, increased backlinks, and overall analysis of your consumer website experience. For more ideas about creating new content, check out this article that covers consumer habits for millennials!

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