3 Cross-sell Email Templates

Knowing how to cross-sell is a great tool in any agent’s arsenal. The trick is to seamlessly incorporate another product into your client conversations. It sounds easy, but messing it up can damage your relationship with your customers. You have to find coverages that are relevant to your clientele. Are they a home-no-auto account with a teenager learning to drive? You have to consider your customer’s past, present, and future needs in order to pitch them the most helpful product.

If you aren’t sure how to start the cross-sell conversation, here are some templates to point you in the right direction.

Example 1: Home-No-Auto

Hello [Insert Client’s Name],

I was taking a look at your current home policy, and it looks like you have the opportunity to save [Insert Money Amount] by bundling it with your auto insurance. This way you can avoid receiving communications about multiple policies and keep your email down.

Give me a call at [Insert Agency Phone Number] or reply to this email so we can talk about different coverage

Looking forward to catching up!

[Insert Your Signature]

Email 2: Auto-No-Home

Hello [Insert Client’s Name],

Have we talked about bundling home insurance with your current auto policy? I think it is a great option that could save you [Insert Amount of Money] on your monthly premium.

Give me a call at [Insert Agency Phone Number] or reply to this email so we can talk about potential savings.

Talk soon,

[Insert Your Signature]


Email 3: Umbrella

Hello [Insert Client’s Name],

After reviewing your account, I saw that you could be saving [Insert Amount of Money] by bundling umbrella insurance with your current policies. Umbrella insurance helps cover things that your home and auto policies don’t like damage to your property or personal liability situations.

I don’t think you are high risk for these scenarios, but it’s best to be prepared in case [Insert Detail about Client’s Life] goes wrong.


Call me at [Insert Agency’s Phone Number] and we can go over the policies I think suit your needs best.

Looking forward to hearing from you,

[Insert Your Signature]


These emails touch on the three staples in cross-selling, and their language covers potential interest points you may not be addressing during your usual client check-ins. Take a minute to review your book of business and identify which type of customers you have the most of, then think of which products would work best based on their common needs. Take into consideration which carriers your client already has policies with. Cross-selling is a fast way to round out your accounts, and the word ‘bundle’ has a lot of influence. Make sure to identify all of the gaps in coverage before pitching a cross-sell idea, and remember that the goal is to make relevant suggestions that improve relationships with your customers.

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