Keep it Clean this Summer

Spring cleaning is in full swing as agents prepare for the summer’s shenanigans. While you spend time decluttering your physical workspace, don’t forget to give a little TLC to your digital one! If you don’t know where to start (Epic can be a beast, I know), here are some quick and easy fixes that can get your data looking lean, mean, and ready for summer!

  1. Get rid of duplicate accounts. Duplicate clients can cause frustration and having multiple accounts on the same client can make for a difficult time deciding which version is the most updated. Spent a couple minutes merging these account profiles and deactivate the duplicates. This will save you time and energy when updating client information.
  2. Confirm your information is up to date. You can remove bad data by running reports to make sure client information is accurate and complete. Be sure that you have phone numbers and email addresses for your clients. Following up on your downloads and working reports is also a great way to cut down on outdated policies.
  3. Utilize digital folders. Do you have documents in folders for easy access when you need them, or are they scattered all over the place? Having a workflow on where to attach documents that everyone follows keeps your accounts orderly, so when you need to locate a signed application, it will be in the folder you designated. You probably want your staff to spend more time selling and servicing clients instead of researching where a document is stored.
  4. Close activities and notes when you’re done. Open activities and client notes can be overwhelming and cause your home screen to look cluttered. A good tip is to change the follow up date on a note or activity that requires a couple days to complete and close the note when you are done. The only open activities/notes should be the ones you are working on for that day.
  5. Set up workflows. Making sure you have efficient workflows and procedures within the agency can prevent extra maintenance work. Once you established a workflow that works for you, communicate it to your team so everyone is aware of how date should be handles and stored.

You don’t have to be an Epic expert to keep your information tidy. These simple tips are manageable and can have a big impact on your team’s efficiency. The main point is to stay on top of correctly inputting data. An easy way to do this is by using standard workflows throughout your agency to maintain clean, accurate client data. Data management is the key to running a successful agency, so remember: Keep it clean.

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