Why You Should be Attached to Attachments

Have you heard staff ask questions like, “Where are the carrier documents?” or “Where are the quote sheets?” Do you find yourself spending a lot of time looking for declaration pages, client information, or the last ten signed applications the carriers ask for?

Let’s be honest, it was easier to grab paper documents while working in the office. We went from having all of the office’s resources at our fingertips to frantically searching for everything Epic! Well I’ve got some news for you: Epic is only as good as the information you put in it.

If you are not putting client documents into the system, then you may not be able to find them when you work remotely. This is why it is important to get documents added into Epic so everyone on your team can access them.

Think putting documents into Epic is a waste of time? Ask yourself this: What would happen if you lost access to your office computer or don’t have a VPN set up to remote in? Do you plan to just scan each document individually? That doesn’t sound like a quick process. If your office computer crashes unexpectedly, gets a virus, or gets hacked, you would not be able to do any business let alone share files with your team.

Trust me, the entire process of adding client documents into Epic takes only a few seconds. You can choose to begin an email out of Epic which would attach the documents automatically, or you can drag and drop the emails and documents into Attachments.

Here are some benefits of putting documents into Epic Attachments:

  • You have easy access to quote sheets to confirm driver’s license numbers or dates of birth
  • You can email signed applications to carriers
  • You can fax or email directly out of Epic
  • It frees up your computer memory
  • Your agency staff has access to the files
  • And you’ll cut down on office clutter

Some agents are just looking for a way to get by until they can hire more staff, and that’s ok! One of the many tips the Education Department give agents is to follow workflows, so spend some time to set your agency up for success! Establish procedures for yourself and your staff, identify what information you will all need to become more efficient, and start putting all of the necessary documents into one place you can all access (PSSSST like Epic!).

You can get back to having all of the documents at your fingertips, you just need to make sure they are in Epic. This quick process will save you and your staff time and protect your E&O Insurance. No one will have to search through countless folders, and the risk of losing signed applications will greatly decrease.

Contact training@asnoa.com for additional efficient workflows and visit ASNOA Training’s YouTube channel for more Epic How-To videos.

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