2021 Insurance Trends to Watch

Ok, I’ll say it: We are ALL glad 2020 is almost over! This year threw a lot at small businesses, and some of us are still trying to put our heads on straight. To get yourself a little more prepared for 2021, here are some trends to watch in the insurance industry.

  1. Data-driven insurance

This probably doesn’t sound very new to you since insurance has always been a data-driven market, but new technology means that insurers can now take advantage of big data. Through the use of management systems and marketing automations, independent agents are able to learn more about clients. This means that it will be easier for insurers to build relationships with potential customers as well as create customize policies. Insurers will also be able to decrease risk and improve the “accuracy of their calculations by considering more metrics during their underwriting process.” (Artificial.io)

  1. More tailored products

Because of the crazy amount of available data and a change in the demographic majority, insurance products are becoming more flexible. Millennials are currently the largest generation, and businesses are rushing to change their marketing strategies to appeal to this demographic’s taste.

As we explain in an earlier blog (Read it here!), Millennials expect more personalized products and customer engagement. If you’re looking to win over this demographic, take a look at their devices! Using information from fitness trackers and car telematics is a simple way to tailor your products so your younger clients and prospects can feel like they’re getting the best value for their needs.

  1. Automation and machine learning

In the past year, we’ve seen a massive push towards AI and machine learning technologies, and now many aspects of insurance can be automated! If you are looking into incorporating more automations into your business practices, now is the time to do it. With platforms like Hootsuite that manage your social media posts, independent agents will have a lot more free time to focus on writing new business and pursuing prospects.

  1. Cybersecurity is becoming popular

One of the biggest concerns with this shift to digitalizing everything is cybersecurity. More and more businesses are recognizing the severity of cyber-attacks, and cybersecurity insurance is becoming more popular (Cybersecurity-insiders.com). Since the majority of people now work from home and the number of cyber-attacks and hackers is going up, companies are looking to beef up their security. It could be worth your while to incorporate cybersecurity insurance into more client conversations.

It’s no surprise that all of these trends are driven by technology; most businesses had to adopt new tech in order to survive the pandemic. The 2021 predictions show a definite switch, however, in how agency owners view these advancements; automations and AI integrations are more than add-ons, they are a necessity. Now companies can utilizing these resources to improve their selling models. Think about it, you have access to more customer data than ever before, and you can use it to provide a better customer experience while saving yourself time. Keep these trends in mind when creating your selling strategy for 2021.

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4 thoughts on “2021 Insurance Trends to Watch”

  1. Hi!

    Thanks for this post on insurance trends in 2021. I would really love your insight on whether captive agent or independent agent is the better choice during the challenging pandemic times.

    • Hi Kimberly, at ASNOA we’re strong believers in the independent model to give your clients significantly more options. In a pandemic where money is tight for many Americans, having the ability to compare rates between 20-30 carriers can really ensure you have the ability to help your clients find insurance for the rates that fit them without having to compromise on coverage. Even outside of the pandemic, it’s been shown that independent agents have much higher close rates on quotes, so it’s good for the agent to have a consistent income too!

      We do have some indepth articles comparing different aggregators and what questions you need to ask. I personally feel that many of those comparisons and tips are just as relevant during the pandemic as they were when it was written.

  2. Amazing share. I really appreciate the hard work and time that you have been putting in creating your insurance blogs.

    I loved the way you presented the information. Personally, I feel that a more in-depth coverage on Insurtech would add even more value for us readers. Just a suggestion.

    Nevertheless, Keep delivering amazing content!

    • Thank you so much William! Your suggestion about more in-depth Insuretech coverage has been noted by our team!


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