How to Close Remotely

Whether you’re opening your agency up completely or permanently implementing work-remote options, the recent pandemic has changed how independent agents think about business. Gone are the days of door-to-door prospecting, with digital marketing and advertising taking its place. Times are changing, and independent agents need to acclimate in order to find success with the millennial and Gen Z populations.

Target Your Market

There is no better tip than that through the COVID-19 ordeal. This method helps you find a niche (or multiple) and grow your sphere of influence in specific communities. Proven to be a more efficient and productive use of energy, this technique diversifies your appetite and introduces you to markets you will find more success in. We’ve put together some strategies you can use if you don’t know where to start.

Know what Business are Open and Active

For commercial lines, you should feel, understand and comprehend not just the client but the business itself. This means understanding how to tailor policies to each client, making them feel unique. If this is something that doesn’t quite come naturally to you, consider getting a commercial lines refresher through the SBCL class.

Use a Script

When you are talking with a potential client over the phone, use a script! The script can say whatever you like, it’s the tone of your voice is what is going to set you apart from everyone else. The goal is to avoid the gimmicky salesman schtick, speak to the customer like you’re having a normal conversation. For more ideas about pitches and scripts, check out our blog on cold calling. A tip is to eliminate words like cost and expense and opt instead for savings, investments, and protection, and don’t be afraid to ask for the close!

Ask Questions

For commercial clients, look for key coverages that the company has and ask them about it, or highlight some they don’t currently have and ask why. Also, ask what measures they are taking to combat COVID-19 infection in their workplace, and compliment them on prioritizing the safety of their staff and customers. Educate yourself on Workers Compensation so you can introduce more ideas in these conversations.

Optimize Office Technology

Make sure that you can send and receive text over the phone, set reminders for over the phone appointments and set time to call. If you have one, link your office phone to your cell to avoid missed calls. Utilize one-on-one webinars with new clients so you can go over the policy in detail and ask for referrals, never stop asking for referrals.

Be Honest

The most important thing out of this entire list is to be honest with yourself and the client. If you see the client is not a good fit for your agency or you can’t find a carrier for the client, be honest and let them know in detail why you can’t help then. Offer future services, something like “we can try it again in the very near future”. Never let the door close, and be sure to ask if they know someone that could use your help. If they think of someone, get that person’s contact info and reach out.

Market Online

Get comfortable using the internet and digital outlets for marketing. If you’re not familiar with digital marketing strategies, social media is a great place to start! Creating a Facebook Business page and regularly posting fun updates is a great way to spread your agency’s name. Plus, having more social media profiles and accounts linked to your website will boost your SEO (and therefore your standing with Google).

Sure, more businesses are opening up and everyone is getting back into the swing of things, but what will you do in the event of another outbreak or tragedy? Incorporating these remote prospecting methods into the way you do business will help your agency grow and provide you with more concrete revenue streams.

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