Google My Business for IAs

The internet is not easy, we know, but something that could make or break a sale is your Google My Business page. More and more people go straight to Google when researching insurance agencies, and if you’re agency’s information isn’t accurate or easily readable, that will most definitely dissuade clients from reaching out.  

Here is a brief checklist of ways you can easily improve your Google My Business page 

  1. Check ownership of current listing. It is likely owned by your captive carrier but check to see if you have the ability to close the location. Check out Google’s Support Page for tips on managing ownership. You NEED to have ownership of your agency’s Google My Business page as this allows you to edit and update info regularly, and it is one of the main channels for gathering new leads digitally. 
  2. Create a new listing, owned and managed by you, with your correct contact information. Make sure to link to your website to increase your web of connections and provide easy access for customers to get more information about who you are. 
  3. Add photos and as much information as you can for services, products, description, etc. This step is hugely important! This is how you differentiate yourself from other agencies, so make sure to include images and information that ties in with your branding. If you want to promote a large community presence, make sure to include pictures and information about your current and past outreach projects like charity work.  
  4. Get a regular schedule for making posts on your profile. The more frequently you put up new information, the better your Google rating will get. Google uses that information to legitimize your online presence, so by continuously updating and posting information you are building your credibility. 
  5. If the old listing is up, try to get your captive carrier to take it down, or at least report it, and have others report it for misinformation. Google will eventually take action. We all know captive carriers can be tricky, but don’t give up! This page is your agency’s first online introduction to prospects, and you need to be able to beef it up and make it as attractive as possible. 

Google is the number one most used search engine in the world, and the good news is you don’t need to be a tech wizard to optimize your Google My Business page. These five simple steps can drastically improve your page and your placement in Google searches. Want more advice? Reach out to us at! 


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