Entering NBS Policies in Epic

NBS is a very popular carrier, but many agents are running into issues when they try to enter NBS policies into Epic. We want our agents to be successful, so we’ve highlighted the specific steps you have to take when entering an NBS. For these policies issued directly from NBS, follow this procedure:

  1. Add a package policy
  2. Add the lines of business issued along with 2 FEE lines of business (see below)
  3. Add the carrier but change the Premium Payable to NBS Nationwide Brokerage Solutions (NBS)
  4. Then add in commission (If you don’t know, add in 10%)

At this time, we do not have a commission break down for NBS carriers.

It is important to note that these policies will not download; you will need to instead issue the policy manually. Be sure to double-check the dates and policy numbers prior to issuing the policy!

Here are some pictures to guide you

(Click the images to Zoom in):

When Adding a Package Policy: Include FEE

Adding a package policy step one

Second step to adding a package policy in Epic


In this example invoice of from a wholesaler:

  1. Make sure you are adding the premium for each line.
  2. The Service Fee will be added as one line of business, FEE.
  3. Surplus Line Tax and Stamping Fee are included in another line of business, FEE.

What an example of an invoice from a wholesaler looks like

Final Step: X out of the policy, change to Yes, Issue/Not Issue Policy

Entering NBS policies into Epic

And there you have it! You are now able to confidently enter NBS policies into Epic. This is an important resource that you can refer back to whenever you encounter issues, or if you happen to forget a step. Please use this procedure when entering policies issued directly from NBS to avoid any errors. For any questions, email kbova@asnoa.com.

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