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I’ve been quoting small commercial my entire career and have searched tirelessly for a quality BOP comparative rater. After so many fell flat, I started to have my doubts about finding something easy to use with useful capabilities. When NBS released iQuote, I was skeptical; would it disappoint me like all the rest? After watching the demo and trying the platform out for myself, I give Nationwide Brokers Solutions’ iQuote two thumbs up!

At last, a comparative rater for Small Business Commercial Insurance is now available for:

  • BOP’s
  • Business Auto
  • Workers Compensation and more!


If that’s not enough to get you excited, this Small Business comparative rater is FREE to our ASNOA Affiliates!


See for yourself how easy it is to use  Watch NBS iQuote demo


I’m not exaggerating when I say that this comparative rater is the best I’ve come by. Here are a few reasons why you want to use NBS IQuote Comparative Rater for all your small business opportunities:


It’s a FREE rater with benefits

You can connect your direct carrier appointments such as:  Hartford, Travelers, Liberty Mutual, Amtrust, Berkshire, Markel, Amtrust, and more while your direct carrier appointment commissions stay the same! iQUOTE acts as a bridge to push your ACORD information to your carriers. You can also choose to connect with 14 NBS Small Business carriers like BTIS, Chubb, Employers, and USAssure to name a few.


Build your small commercial book of business by utilizing NBS IQuote as a platform

We all know time is money, so being able to push your BOP ACORD form to 14 carriers at the same time is an indispensable asset to your agency. iQuote streamlines the BOP quoting process, so you can quote clients hassle free! It is truly a remarket time saver. Upload your BOP ACORD applications easily to NBS IQuote, and there’s a Drag & Drop feature that allows you to drag your ACORD application directly from EPIC into IQUOTE Rater without having to upload anything.


If you’re like me and find yourself getting lost in other comparative rater platforms, iQuote’s ‘Dashboard view’ of all you Small Business quotes is a life saver. The formatting is user-friendly and gives you a great view of iQuote’s features.


How do You Sign up with NBS IQuote

If you already are signed up with NBS, you can register for iQuote by clicking on the iQuote icon!

If you are not yet signed up with NBS, email Joanna Koscielak, ASNOA’s Agency Services Manager at Joannak@asnoa.com to get set up.

For any questions on the IQuote rater please email me at kbova@asnoa.com.


View of the IQuote carriers (Click the image for a close-up!)

picture of iQuote NBS carriers


View of NBS IQuote coverage quote options

iQuote NBS coverage options page


View of NBS IQuote dashboard of submitted apps

Example picture of iquote nbs submitted appointments

View of NBS IQuote results page

Picture of the iquote nbs results page


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