EZLynx Tips & Tricks

Get Some Tips on How to Best Utilize EZLynx In this session, we will go over the carrier log ins & carrier defaults that you have already added into EZLynx, along with reviewing a quote that was already entered prior to our training. Please complete the EZLynx tutorial provided in your EZLynx credential email from … Read more

Epic Weekly Help

Go Over Your Epic Questions with an Expert In this session, bring your Epic questions so we can review. If it’s just one question or five questions, we will tackle them all. No need to stay on the entire time, when your questions are complete, jump off.

Entering NBS Policies in Epic

Man confused by NBS policies in Epic.

NBS is a very popular carrier, but many agents are running into issues when they try to enter NBS policies into Epic. We want our agents to be successful, so we’ve highlighted the specific steps you have to take when entering an NBS. For these policies issued directly from NBS, follow this procedure: Add a … Read more