ASNOA Announces Partnership with SocialSurvey 

ASNOA is proud to announce a partnership with SocialSurvey, a leading review generation platform for insurance agencies. With this partnership, ASNOA affiliates will be able to take advantage of SocialSurvey’s excellent platform to boost their agency’s online presence and credibility. 

“Local insurance agencies deserve the absolute best in customer experience technology and marketing automation,” said SocialSurvey CEO, Scott Harris. “Our partnership with ASNOA will empower their affiliates to automate customer feedback, online reviews and social posting while building the personal brand of every single agent in the network. We’re thrilled to be partnering with this forward-thinking organization that is so deeply committed to its members.” 

Announced at the Sales Conferences 

ASNOA revealed this partnership at their annual Sales Conferences & Trade Shows, where SocialSurvey was one of the headline sponsors. At the events, agents were able to hear from Caleb Stanton and Nick Corrao, both Vice Presidents for SocialSurvey. The two of them explained to agents how their review management system worked, and what it would be able to do for them. 

“Social media, reviews and referrals are huge portions of the consumer journey, and we want to help our agents grow in this space with a practical, affordable and results-driven solution,” said ASNOA’s COO, Nick Petrocelli. “Our agents need to be where the consumer expects them to be and that is online with a supported and credible digital presence. That’s why ASNOA is excited to bring innovative review management to our affiliates through a strong partnership with SocialSurvey.” 

Why review management? 

According to research done by marketing company Fan & Fuel, over 90 percent of buyers are influenced by online reviews, and are hesitant to do business with a place which does not have reviews. For a small insurance agency, local searches from people in your area likely fuel most of your business. If a consumer searches for you online, they are expecting to find a business page, a website, and reviews which help them understand what the experience is like at your agency. If they don’t find anything, will they still solicit your business? Statistics say they will not. 

SocialSurvey can help with both helping you be found online, and increasing your review count. By integrating directly into your agency marketing platform, SocialSurvey is able to automatically see what business you are doing (all encrypted, so no need to worry about data!), and then send out review requests to new clients. Clients are then able to review the experience they had, whether good or bad. If good, the review will populate on your social media platforms, on your agent’s SocialSurvey page, and on your company’s SocialSurvey page. If bad, you are notified immediately so that you can rectify the sitaution with your client. 

How can I get it? 

Because this integration is directly within your agency management software, and the reviews are automatic, this means that you hardly have to do anything to get this huge boost to your online reputation and SEO! This is all at an extremely discounted price. For more information about pricing, reach out to the ASNOA Marketing Department. 

Don’t have a Google MyBusiness page, Facebook Business page, or LinkedIn Business page, or website? Contact the ASNOA Marketing department and we can help you with everything you’d need to take advantage of SocialSurvey. 

To begin your signup process today, please contact Meghan Lang or Daniel Molinero in the ASNOA Marketing Department. We will help you with the integration, data validation, and help you get setup, all within a week! 

Not a member? Explore what makes ASNOA unlike every other insurance aggregator and begin your process to getting more money, more freedom and more opportunities! 


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