How to Virtually Engage Clients

Now that we are all sequestered at home, it’s time to upgrade how you engage with your clients. Many independent agents have already utilized video conferencing platforms like  Zoom to mimic in-person meetings, but there are more fun ways you can strengthen your relationships with your customers. Here are some easy-to-learn ways to reach out to your clients, grow your online presence, and alleviate some of your quarantine boredom!


  • Personalized videos

Applications like Loom allow you to create quick tutorials using your own computer. These videos can be shared one-on-one with your clients via a direct link, or you can upload them to your social media platforms for your entire audience. Loom is a browser extension that lets you do an instant video or screen capture and share directly to your Facebook and Twitter accounts. It’s a great way to personalize a video or review a report, and many people use it to show off presentations! You can use it to give context to spreadsheet data, do a website walk-through, and even a virtual office tour.


  • Live streaming

Unfortunately, Facebook eliminated its multi-streaming capability that allows multiple people to broadcast on the same live stream, so many people have switched to using StreamYard . This live streaming tool is pretty affordable and lets you stream to multiple platforms at the same time: Facebook, YouTube, LinkedIn, you name it.  Livestreams can be an effective way to get a short message across, or increase client interest. It’s a great tool for highlighting your agency’s community engagement, and some of the best livestreams include stories. One of the best features of StreamYard is that it allows for some nice on-screen branding while you’re broadcasting, and it automatically records your videos right after.


How to take these tools up a notch

While these tools can freshen up your virtual presence, there are some things you should keep in mind if you want to use them to the best of their abilities:

1) Sound is important

You don’t have to buy a super expensive microphone, just make sure that your audio comes through clearly on your video. You don’t want to spend time recording an entire video only for your audio to be a jumble of wind and animal noises. If you do plan to film outside, we recommend you invest in a small clip-on microphone to ensure everything you say is recorded with clarity.


2) Upgrade your camera

Chances are that your laptop comes with a built-in camera, but the quality with that can be a little spotty. Using your phone is another option, but that video quality can vary by software. For a consistently clear video every time, considering getting an individual recording camera. It will allow for wider shots, better focus, and way better light absorption.


3) Lighting makes a difference

If you’re filming in your spare bedroom in the basement, get some LED lights or you’ll run the risk of looking like you’re in your spare bedroom in the basement. Natural lighting is always best, so try to be in a room with windows. A great, inexpensive way to mimic natural lighting is by using a ring light.


4) Get rid of any distractions

Again, if you’re working at home, your background might not scream professional. Do your best to situate yourself in backgrounds suitable to convey your messages. Going for a more laid-back feel? A living room shot would be perfect! Want something more professional? Sit yourself at a desk and put on a blazer. Your background helps convey the tone of your message, so put a little more thought into constructing it.


And there you have it! Some fun, simple ways to change up how you communicate with your clients. These tips can also help make customer meetings more fun, and they will definitely increase your agency’s popularity online. A final word of advice: Get creative with your videos, but don’t forget that content is king overall! Don’t let your creativity compromise the quality of your message.


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