How to Purchase Your Independent Insurance Agency Domain

There are a ton of website domain providers out there. Pick the one that offers you the best combination or price, service, and security. We have used GoDaddy, Network Solutions, and Google Domains. I am going to use GoDaddy for the visuals below, but the steps are pretty much the same for all three sites:

1.Go to and look for the search bar at the top

First step in purchasing your agency domain.

2. Type in your desired company name and click “Search Domain.” Let’s use “Lang Insurance” after my last name.

The next step is to click search!

3. If your domain name is taken like mine, you will see this on your next screen.

Search results for your agency domain
a. Don’t fret yet, most domain service providers will offer alternatives. It looks like my alternatives are                             and
i. Tip: You want to stick with a clean, easy to spell, easy to pronounce domain name that has a reputable ending                     (in other words, we strongly suggest you stick with a .com only website).

Available domain names for independent agencies

4. If I like as a domain name, then I would click “Add to Cart” on the right side. If not, I would hit                  the back button, and do another domain name search (repeat steps 1 – 3).

Click 'Add to cart' if you're ready to purchase domain

5. Once you are ready to purchase, click “Add to Cart” if you have not done so already. Then, click on “Continue to                Cart.”

Step five in purchasing domain

6. Most domain service providers are going to try and sell you everything under the sun once you go to your cart. If              you are simply trying to reserve the rights to that company name online (i.e. your future URL) you can simply skip            over all of the “add ons.” It is very easy to come back and add additional products and features at a later time.                    a. To skip the “add ons” at this time, just click NO THANKs and unclick any checked boxes. Again, you can always                add to your domain account later if needed. Click on “Continue to Cart.”

Step 7 purchase agency domain

Finish purchasing agency domain

7. Check out:
a. You will need to set up a GoDaddy (or Network Solutions, or Google Account, depending on which one you chose).            Use an email you readily access and REMEMBER YOUR PASSWORD. You will need to log in to gain access to your          domain and/or provide necessary information to any marketing company you hire.
b. Enter your payment info.

8. Don’t forget to renew your domain or provide access to the marketing company you hire so they can renew your domain on your behalf.

This article is made available by ASNOA for educational purposes only as well as to give you general information and a general understanding of the law. It does not aim to provide specific legal advice. By using this blog, you understand there is no attorney-client relationship between you and ASNOA. We strongly recommend consulting a lawyer for individual needs of your business.

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