How to Motivate Your Team

At this stage in the game, most companies are going through an unexpected lull in enthusiasm. It’s not because we lack ambition or determination, it’s just that everything suddenly feels like a lot. We worked at the office, then we worked from home, now we’re back to the office. Swinging from place to place has left some of us dizzy, disoriented, and incredibly tired.

If you’re now finding it challenging to motivate your team, you are not alone. Fortunately, there are key strategies that can help revitalize your teammates and get your office back to where you want to be.

  1. Rewards

Who doesn’t appreciate being acknowledged for their work! Make it a point to celebrate successes in your team, even going out for lunch can have a huge impact on someone’s morale. It’s important to note that rewards come in all shapes and sizes. Some offices will offer gift cards, others will throw a party. Regardless of the expense, taking time to highlight a job well done can have a last effect on your teammates, and it gives them something to look forward to!

  1. Be Flexible

Discussing flexible hours with your team can feel different or slightly uncomfortable, but you are showing them that you trust their ability to regulate themselves and are giving them the option to work when they are most productive. Offering flexible hours can make team members more dynamic because it allows them time to consider when they are at their most advantageous. This not only builds a healthier office culture, it increases the appeal to prospective new-hires and retention of quality teammates. The growing popularity of flexible hours means that more people are looking to include that in their job hunts. Growing your agency and improving your team’s morale, seems like a great investment to us!

  1. Make Room for Growth

Keep this question in mind when analyzing your team’s productivity: what is motivating them to excel? If you aren’t known to promote individual success in your agency, now is the time to start. Think of ways you can offer progression, and this might help you motivate your staff. Ask for their feedback, or even have a simple discussion about what drives their work. Those who want to grow will let you know they like to be recognized for hard work, and it is a great way to drive discussion between staff and your exec team!

  1. Set Goals

The bottom line is if you want to motivate your staff in 2020, then you need to set some goals. Goals act as something to work towards, and they are actually quite motivating. A relatively easy endeavor, setting goals should require a conversation with your team. Check in to see their progress and where they are struggling, maybe they’d appreciate some help. These routine meetings will help establish smaller weekly goals that ultimately contribute to your agency’s endgame. Be sure to implement setting goals as part of your teams meetings, they are also a great indicators of productivity and should be used when considering promotions.

  1. Be Positive

Simply put, try to be more positive. We know that is asking a lot considering the current state of the world, but positivity is greatly appreciated when everyone is feeling a little down. It’s easy to offer negative feedback and criticism when things go wrong, and this can be disheartening. If your teammates are doing a great job, tell them. “Make an announcement in the office when something goes well” or bring up a recent success during a meeting ( Finding a way to build off successes will yield greater productivity among your team because it gives them a direction in which to focus.

Our Final Thoughts

Let’s be honest, motivating your teammates is not always easy. It often depends on the kind of workforce you have, the attitudes of your team members, and other aspects of organizational culture. Do not let those factors dissuade you, your team is not looking for total agency reform! The addition of small office habits can make a huge impact, so consider implementing a few if not all these tips into your agency to make a positive difference. Let us know which ones worked for you, or what your agency does already to inspire your team members!

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