Applied Epic 2019 Latest Changes

Have You Tried Turning It Off and Back On Again?

The latest update from Applied Epic 2019

If you haven’t already noticed, Applied Systems has updated to Epic 2019. While this is exciting news, many new features need to be set up on your end.

Whenever a simple update comes through, we always say: “restart your computer”. This time, you really do have to restart your computer. Click here for instructions on how to install Epic 2019. It will prompt you to restart your computer so that it can work properly. If you are experiencing an error, Click here.

If you still aren’t quite sure what Applied Epic is, here’s a recap:

Applied Epic is an agency management system that has integrated capabilities to control all roles, locations, and lines of business for your prospects, customers, and lost clients. The update includes new features like the accessibility of Outlook in Epic, attaching documents directly from Outlook, new eSignature features, and more!

Your “Epic Dream Team” has taken the time to review the latest changes to Applied Epic 2019.

You can find a quick summary of the changes that affect you most below:

  1. You can now use Microsoft Outlook directly from Epic. If you are using Outlook 32 bit, you can attach emails directly from Outlook with a simple drag and drop.
  2. In the Attachments screen, folders are now visible (as icons) so all you need to do is click the folder when searching for documents, but this feature only works if you are using folders when you attach a document.
  3. If you are using DocuSign, you can send multiple documents for eSignature directly from Epic and the return signature will automatically attach to the client’s attachments. Way Cool!

Learn more about how to set up Applied Epic 2019


If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact ASNOA Training at or by calling Applied Epic directly at their toll-free service line, 800-999-6512.

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