Increase Revenue And Grow Your Book With Bold Penguin Exchange

Bold Penguin makes small commercial insurance profitable by making it simple. Founded by insurance
agents and for insurance agents, they empower agents to find the right coverage at the right time,
seamlessly and within minutes. Since 2016, they’ve powered over $4 billion in premium and over 5 million
quote applications.

As a valued ASNOA partner, you have the opportunity to access several Bold Penguin solutions
(Exchange, Terminal, and Storefront) in their product suite that can help you boost revenue and
productivity. Today, take a deeper dive into the Exchange, the nation’s largest prospect marketplace for
small commercial insurance.

What’s The Exchange And How Does It Work?

The Exchange matches referred small commercial prospects, who have a confirmed intent to buy, with
in-appetite agents via immediate phone transfer. There is no other insurance software solution that
provides agents with more vetted, warm prospects than the Bold Penguin Exchange.

There are four participants in the Exchange workflow, a process wherein the clients’ needs are met by an
expert while gaining referral revenue.

  • Prospects (leads)
  • Send-side partners who refer the out-of-appetite prospects
  • The Exchange, who matches the Prospects’ requests via warm, phone transfer
  • Receive-side partners who act as the matched agent

Why Become a Send-side Partner? You will increase revenue and maximize efficiency.

You’ve spent valuable time and resources marketing to and bringing prospects into your agency. Perhaps
you have used paid social media campaigns, Google Ads, and/or other channels. But inevitably, some of
those prospects are out-of-appetite, not in your geography, or not in your wheelhouse. Rather than
wasting that time spent quoting ineligible risk, monetize it.

You’ll be notified via daily report when a prospect you referred is matched. Then, each month, you’ll
receive compensation. It’s that simple.

Why Become a Receive-side Partner? You will grow and diversify your book of business.

Stop wasting time normally spent prospecting. This steady source of curated, live prospects, with
confirmed intent to buy, allows you to maximize opportunities for increased commissions, contingencies,
and bonuses.

Receive-side Partners can customize the prospects with whom they are matched via filtering — by NAICS
code, geography, business class, coverage need and many others — utilizing multiple checkpoints to help
ensure that the prospects received are qualified. By the time the referred prospects are transferred, they
have been vetted, are live on the phone, and ready to quote and bind.

Since 2016, The Exchange has facilitated business between thousands of businesses and is now a “must
have” for agencies. ASNOA partners can leverage the Exchange to increase revenue, grow their book,
and maximize productivity with ease.

The Exchange is one more way Bold Penguin can simplify small commercial for you.

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