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InsuredMine is a software platform designed to assist insurance agents in streamlining their operations and enhancing client relationships. It offers tools for client relationship management, policy automation, and analytics, enabling agents to manage policies efficiently and improve their overall business performance.

InsuredMine and ASNOA have a special integration where your policies in Epic are replicated in InsuredMine so that you can still keep your policies in Epic, but service your clients and manage automations in InsuredMine!

InsuredMine also works with different integration partners like Zapier so that you can create more automations around your Epic data! For tech savvy agents looking to automate their agency, this is a great option.

With an API integration into ASNOA's Applied Epic instance, you can do things with InsuredMine that you can't do with Epic alone.

The Benefits of a FULL CRM: InsuredMine offers a robust CRM system tailored to the needs of insurance agents. Agents can use this CRM to manage client information, track communication, and set reminders for important follow-ups. This helps agents stay organized and build stronger, more personalized relationships with their clients. A well-maintained CRM can also lead to increased client retention and referrals.

The Benefits of Automation: Managing insurance policies and renewals can be time-consuming and prone to errors. InsuredMine may offer tools to simplify policy management and automate renewal processes. Agents can set up automated reminders for policy renewals, cross-sell or upsell opportunities, and even provide clients with self-service portals to access their policy information. This can improve efficiency and reduce administrative overhead for agents.

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