Information to help you grow and succeed

Information to help you grow and succeed

Staying up-to-date on current trends is a full-time job. No worries, we've got you covered! Our weekly Blogs cover hot-topic information all housed in one place, making searching for new growth strategies a breeze!

Staying up-to-date on current trends is a full-time job, no worries, we've got you covered! Our weekly Blogs cover hot topics all housed in one place, making searching for new growth strategies a breeze!

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Cybersecurity Tips When Working Remote

September 17, 2020

Three Ways to Maximize Growth

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Email marketing for insurance agents

Why Do You Need Email Marketing?

Think about how many times you use email in your own life. How many times a day you hear that ding from your phone? Let’s face it, email is a big part of our lives. Email marketing, when done correctly, can be like having your very own money tree. Chris Combemale, CEO of the Data and Marketing Association once said, “email stands as one of the most effective ways to reach target audiences,” because it takes an integrated approach and it brings the right message to the right audience.  In 2015 the Data and...
Are you considering switching to an insurance aggregator?

What to consider before joining an insurance aggregator

As an independent insurance agent, perhaps you have considered joining an insurance aggregator or agency network; in other words, an association consisting of multiple insurance agencies and which offers support and benefits to its members.  These groups, also known as insurance clusters, can vary greatly from one to the next.  Some cluster members share office space and staff while in other groups, the members all work remotely from each other. Each insurance cluster is also free to negotiate its own...
Direct Access vs Producer Code

Direct Carrier Appointments vs. Producer Sub-Codes: Which Do You Have?

Every captive looks to go independent because they’re tired of being told what business they need to write, how much of it they need to write, and who they have to write it through. You want your name on your book of business, and you want to keep your clients by offering multiple quotes that fit their needs. That’s what being independent should be all about. To write multiple insurance carriers, agents need to have appointments with that carrier. Many...
Businesswoman working at her desk in office.

Do you HAVE to call clients at renewal?

Why you should always call your clients at renewal? No matter how successful you are, come renewal time you always have that one teeny tiny thought pop in your head: why not just let the sleeping bear lay? It would be so easy to just let the policy automatically renew. No hard phone call to discuss rate increases, no time spent listening to concerns you can't do anything about... We both know that you can't do that. Prioritizing time between building new...
Free Marketing Tools

Free Marketing Tools for Insurance Agents 

America’s largest companies spend mind-boggling amounts of money on advertising, with behemoths like Procter & Gamble, AT&T, and Disney spending billions every year. You don’t have billions (yet!), but there are many ways you can successfully market yourself without even spending a dime. Email Of course you have email, but are you using it effectively as a marketing tool? There’s little point in sending an email that no one opens (Do you even know if recipients are opening your emails?). More importantly, is anyone clicking through to...
Social Media Tips for Insurance Agents

Social Media Tips for Independent Insurance Agents

Social media is unquestionably a powerful marketing tool that you can employ to promote your business, your products and services. Professional insurance agents may have their own Facebook or social media page. But that is not enough! You have to constantly find ways to keep your page interesting to your target audience and therefore, keep your traffic coming. Here are several suggestions from marketing experts: Independent Insurance Agents Near Me: Be Available Feature a discussions section on your page. This section will allow you to have interactions with your...
Diverse speakers make flip chart presentation in conference room

Sales Pitch Points

Selling insurance, just like anything else, can be tough. Customers have very specific needs and may not fully understand those needs themselves. In addition, with so many companies and insurance products on the market, it can be tough to convince new prospects that your company is the best. Fortunately, with a little bit of salesmanship, you can level the playing field and land many more customers than the competition. Here are a few key tips for your insurance sales pitch. Learn...
Marketing Tips for Independent Insurance Agents

30 Marketing Clues You Need To Use

In 2012 there were almost 40,000 independent insurance agencies in the US alone. With 39,999 other competitors, how do you ensure that your company stands out? With so many other companies with similar offerings, it is critical that you have an effective marketing strategy. Ideally, your marketing promotes your brand, builds your business, and generates new clientele. To make your insurance marketing dollars go the furthest, you must first and foremost make a plan. You need to identify what you want out of your marketing campaign and how to get...
handshake partnership socialsurvey

ASNOA Announces Partnership with SocialSurvey 

ASNOA is proud to announce a partnership with SocialSurvey, a leading review generation platform for insurance agencies. With this partnership, ASNOA affiliates will be able to take advantage of SocialSurvey’s excellent platform to boost their agency’s online presence and credibility.  “Local insurance agencies deserve the absolute best in customer experience technology and marketing automation,” said SocialSurvey CEO, Scott Harris. “Our partnership with ASNOA will empower their affiliates to automate customer feedback, online reviews and social posting while building the personal brand of every single agent...
A happy businessman with boxing gloves on arms raised in victory stands near a giant male leg fallen down.

How To Compete Against Insurance Giants

If you asked the average American what insurance companies they know, many of them would be able to mention the GEICO lizard, Peyton Manning with Nationwide, or even JK Simmons telling you that Farmer’s “has seen a thing or two.” These industry giants spend billions each year on their advertisements in an attempt to make their brand a household name.   As an independent insurance agent, how can you compete with this kind of massive global marketing? How can you convince...