Think Tank

Why Submit?

New ideas can be used to save staff time, change processes (both professionally and personally) for the better, and help ASNOA more easily reach our goals. We want to provide an open platform that inspires new ideas, spurs cross-departmental brainstorming, and emboldens creative/strategic thinking.

How does it work?

Step 1

If you have an idea or suggestion, first submit your idea through the survey. This will add your idea to the docket. You must submit your idea one week before the next Think Tank meeting, otherwise, the idea will be reserved for the following month's agenda.

Step 2

Join the Think Tank meeting on the first Wednesday of each month. You can join virtually. Everyone is welcome to participate. Each department can also designate a spokesperson to attend the Think Tank meeting instead. Feel free to jump in any month, discuss ideas on the docket, and make a difference!

Step 3

The Think Tank Committee will review the ideas discussed and select the top three ideas to pursue that month (unless consensus is reached with all participants during the Think Tank meeting). See below for details on the Think Tank Committee.

Step 4

The Think Tank Committee will present the top three ideas a week later in the Managerial Meeting (the second Friday of the month). Managers will then vote on the idea to implement.

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Think Tank Survey

Please fill out your ideas below to submit them to the Think Tank! Ideas will be discussed further in each months' Think Tank Meeting, and then evaluated by the committee. If you wish to be left anonymous, please leave the name field blank.

    What is the problem you are trying to solve?

    What bucket does this fall into?

    Which departments will be affected by your idea?

    Which organizational goal does your ideal align with?

    Your Name

    Thank you for helping make ASNOA better.