Grow Your Agency with Safeco

ASNOA has long worked with Safeco, Liberty Mutual, and State Auto Insurance as some of our most prolific carriers. Though all three are under the same umbrella now, they each serve different products and have different appetites.

State Auto joined Safeco and Liberty Mutual under the same roof in March of 2022, and that transition is still ongoing. To read more about it, click the link below.

Liberty Mutual is great to work with from a technology standpoint as well, being named one of the most innovative Insurance companies in 2022.

What are the core differences between these three independent entities?

Liberty Mutual: Liberty Mutual offers a wide range of insurance products, including most personal and commercial offerings. They work with both independent agents as well as with their own agents and direct distribution channels.

Safeco Insurance: Safeco primarily offers auto and home insurance, along with related coverage options such as renters and condo insurance. Their focus is on personal lines of insurance.

State Auto Insurance: State Auto Insurance provides both personal and commercial offerings, and has always worked primarily with independent insurance agents, with no direct channel of their own. Though now owned by Liberty Mutual, State Auto still is its own independent entity.


Thank you to Safeco for being a

Diamond Sponsor

for ASNOA in 2023!