Finally, Access All of the Top Property & Casualty Carriers in the Florida Market as an Independent Business Owner.

ASNOA Provides Help for Insurance Agents

What are your options if you want to open or grow your independent agency and NOT just be another number in a franchise? Until now, your options have been limited.

Enter ASNOA: the Agent Support Network of America (ASNOA) is Florida’s only fully integrated service and support provider that helps independent insurance agents grow their business. Enjoy all of the advantages of a captive agency system, combined with all of the options and freedom of an independent agency system with ASNOA. You don’t have to give up half of your commissions or ownership of your book of business!

Perform at the top tier in your desired markets

We take the carrier appointment further. Not only do we send your applications for you and help you nail your interviews - we work with you personally to develop your business plan and determine the right carrier mix. That way you quickly and sustainably become profitable.

No membership fees

There are no membership fees except the hard costs of software that we pass directly to you. Hard costs can include things like your agency management system and online raterWe also negotiate exclusive deals with vendors to give you steep discounts on stuff you use every day. 

Your agency name is on the policy

You have a direct code with your carrier partners. This allows you to have authority to quote, bind & issue. You also have direct access to a marketing rep & underwriter with each company. 

Earn what you are owed

Networks have no business adding additional qualifiers to your profit sharing (i.e. loss ratio, retention, new business growth, aggregated ratios, etc...). That's why ASNOA breaks out profit & loss by each carrier allowing you to share in more earnings.

Easily scale and innovate your company

Growth has never been easier. We have done the front work for you connecting your agency management system into technology that streamlines your everyday business processes. This plug and play ability lets you work with the latest Insure Tech to make you bigger, faster and more competitive than ever.

Join a more elite club

We are not about just adding numbers to our network. Bigger is not always better. We only look for successful agents with a history of production and a plan to build a profitable book. A network runs on pooled premium, so we want everyone producing the quantity & quality of business our carriers desire.

Leave at any time

With ASNOA, you can leave at any time by selling your business within the network; typically with a two to three times multiplier on revenue.

Your business will be worth more

You can build an asset that’s worth more money when you go to sell. We developed a marketplace with a strong competitive landscape to buy and sell agencies in the network. Because our carriers & technology all align, you can transition out seamlessly, and, it will yield a much higher return.

After 18 years as a captive agent, this past year as an independent agent has been the best year of my life! Thank you, ASNOA, for this wonderful opportunity to better serve my clients with more choices, more carriers, and competitive insurance products. All this for my clients, plus better commissions and more carriers to choose from. But most importantly, respect and appreciation for me and what I bring to this organization! Excellent support network! Choose ASNOA! - Sharon Robles - Principal, Sharon Robles Agency

"ASNOA arranged direct appointments that we never had. The large network of ASNOA Affiliates creates clout with carriers and a potent volume when it comes to calculating profit sharing." Larry Pickard, Professional Insurance Services

"ASNOA has given me the opportunity to go in front of customers with confidence that I have a good array of products, competitive pricing, and great support. It's given me the opportunity to [sell in] a lot of markets I couldn't touch before." Roger Collins, A1 Insurance & Financial Services, LLC

Earn More Money as an Insurance Agent in Florida

More Money, period.

Earn Top Tier Commissions Easier
Due to ASNOA’s premium volume, we can negotiate higher commission rates and help you obtain larger profit margins. ASNOA negotiates with your best interest in mind, and commissions are honestly shared across the network with clear and transparent reporting.

See Higher Close Ratios
With more carrier choices and product options, you have the ability to close a higher percentage of your prospects, earning you more revenue. On average, ASNOA agents close 80-90% of their PL quotes.

Profits made easy.

Obtain Larger and Fairer Profit Sharing
Unlike other networks, profit/loss requirements are determined per carrier at ASNOA. So, instead of being potentially penalized across the board for one carrier’s performance, you earn every dollar you qualify for and rightfully earned.

Gain More Growth Bonuses
You can have the ability to earn bonuses at an elite status – and qualify for exclusive spiffs/contests with select carriers – because of the size of ASNOA, our consistent premium volume and our long-term close relationships with carriers.

Own an Independent Insurance Agency in Florida

Write what you want, when you want.

More Freedom to Do Business Your Way
No more DM breathing down your neck, pushing life insurance or bust. Instead, you enjoy the freedom to pick and choose the policies you write and the carriers you do business with.

More Carrier Options that You Own
Agents with ASNOA have more direct carrier appointments than members of other agency networks. Direct appointments are an important distinction because it means you own the business with that carrier, and your name is on the policy, not ASNOA’s. You own your book of business. Our network does not lock you down with non-compete language on future carrier appointments.

Want to know what carriers you would potentially qualify for?

ASNOA is an independent insurance agency network focused on helping agencies grow. Together, we can help you experience true ownership and take your earnings to the next level.

Get more for your work.

Honest Contractual Ownership
You own your business, even with succession planning and/or at sale. And, your company will be worth more. You’ll have access to our IN-NETWORK marketplace, which has consistently yielded sale prices above industry standards! With faster close rates, you may keep 100% of your in-network sales revenue.

Ensure Your Legacy
We also make it easier by providing succession planning right in our contracts where you have total control. In addition, ASNOA will provide individual support throughout the transition to make it as cost-effective and stress-free as possible for you.

Better Close Ratios in Florida
Marketing Help for Insurance Agents

It's your brand, so keep it.

Your Business, Your Story
We don’t want to force our company’s branding onto yours. You do all the work, you deserve all the recognition. With ASNOA, you own your identity and brand. Your clients will see your name, your logo and your customer experience. We are only here in the background to help you succeed when you need it.

Easier way to grow clients.

Focus on Selling, We Can Help with the Rest
Since the beginning, we’ve always aimed to be a network that provides more than just carrier access. We pride ourselves on being a total business solution that is proven to help you succeed. With ASNOA, you can take advantage of:

  • Unlimited individualized training for you and your staff
  • A personal Agency Services Manager to help you through the contractual, licensing and carrier & appointment process
  • Accounting support for monthly commissions and reconciliation
    Regular reporting, marketing analytics and more, so you can easily stay on top of your business needs
  • Agency Management Software maintenance and support
  • Industry-leading trainings and resources to keep your business on the cutting-edge
  • Dedicated in-house brokerage you can call upon
  • Discounts on everyday business needs
  • Commission and marketplace growth opportunities

Sounds great, but what does it cost?

A man and woman discussing strategy to get more clients

With ASNOA, you are not alone

You can experience the same operational and marketing support you’ve enjoyed as a captive. But this time, it’s your name on the front door, operating under your control.

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The Agent Support Network of America (ASNOA) is a fully integrated service and support provider that helps independent insurance agents grow their business. We are an independent insurance network that provides more than just carrier access.

More than 90% of our staff focuses solely on serving you with accounting, licensing, systems onboarding, marketing, skills training, and continuing education - and it all comes with your membership. You get to extend your staff without the associated costs and hassle.

ASNOA does not guarantee that every applicant will be approved for partnership. Because we are looking for partnerships, ASNOA is not looking for first-time business owners. Once approved, ASNOA does not guarantee that every carrier listed in each state will be able to sign direct contracts with the applicant, especially without experience. ASNOA does not guarantee that figures shown for projected earnings will be accurate; the graphs are for demonstration purposes only. The ASNOA logo is copyright protected.