COVID-19 ASNOA Affiliate Insurance Agent Resources

We want to make sure you have the resources you need right at your fingertips to maintain a healthy workforce and a successful agency through trying times. Below is a list of articles, templates, videos, and more that we have sent to you throughout this crisis. We will continuously update our ASNOA Advantage and this list of resources to keep you informed and in front of your clients.

ASNOA Epic Weekly Servicing Online Training

When & What to Communicate to Clients During COVID-19

Video: What Kind of Communications Should You Send to Your Clients Now & How?

Suggested Strategy for COVID-19 Client Communications:

    • "How to Reach Us" Email

      • When to send it? NOW - Let your clients know how COVID-19 has affected any of your services.
        • If they have a claim or question, where do they go now? (how will this be handled?)
        • Can your clients still come to your office for appointments?
        • What is your contact information during this shutdown?
        • How can people still conduct appointments with you? Are remote meetings a possibility?
        • Are your hours going to be different?
    • Changes to Current Policies
      1. When to send it? 3 days - 1 week after the first email (as and changes occur to stay timely)
      2. Let clients know if there are any changes to policies, coverages, payment due dates, etc. from carriers due to COVID-19. (Check your latest ASNOA Advantage newsletter for a compilation of carrier updates during COVID-19.)
    • Essential Service Updates Clients Need Right Now (ONLY stick to relevant, genuine content that relates to the COVID-19 pandemic and its systemic economic effects.)

        • When to send it? Every week, then taper after one month to every other week, then taper after one month to every month, then taper after six months to every other month, and so forth
        • Communications should focus on key questions or problems your clients have right now. Appropriate topics include life insurance, health insurance, financial planning, risk management, cybersecurity, and business insurance.


          1. "How to Reach Us During COVID"
          2. COVID-19 Wealth Management Email
          3. Financial Planning for Families Intro
          4. Generic Life Insurance Convo Starter
          5. Generic Retirement Planning Convo Starter
          6. Retirement Planning More Formal Email
          7. Generic Text-Only Life Insurance Email
          8. Sample Letter for Commercial Lines Clients

Want to Take a Crack at Writing Your Own?

Easy! Just pose a question and provide the answer as an email opener. Click here for a list of common questions to get your creative juices flowing. 

Where/How To Send Emails to My Clients:

          1. Your Outlook or Gmail Account
          2. Epic - Contact to get started
          3. Wealth Management in a Box - contact Kelly Carter or Steve Conte to get started
          4. ASNOA Email Platform - contact to get started
            1. Already on Fuse? Contact us to send MORE custom emails for you today
            2. Already on Fuse? Watch this handy video on "What Epic Fields are Most Important for Fuse Email Marketing"

Maintaining the Human Element: How to Meet Virtually With Your Clients?

How to Meet Clients During COVID-19

Video Conferencing Best Practices

Video Conferencing Platforms We Recommend:

Further Working Remote & Business Continuity Ideas:



Document Management Programs We Recommend:

E-Signature Solutions Worth Using, Especially Now:

Telephone & VoIP Services to Shop:

Video Marketing Programs to Try:

Cybersecurity Concerns When Working Remote

Writing Life Insurance During COVID-19

Want to talk to fellow ASNOA agents about what they are doing for COVID-19? 

And... Just General Safety Information