Honoring Ray

On January 10, 2021, Raynold T. Petrocelli, our co-Founder & CEO, passed away unexpectedly. Not only was he a beloved colleague, partner, and industry leader to us all, he was also a dear friend. Ray was kindhearted and generous, and he always had a big smile and a great story that made you feel welcomed. Simply put, the world lost a great man. ASNOA will continue to honor his legacy by building a network unparalleled in the industry.

Ray Petrocelli ASNOA


Raynold (Ray) T. Petrocelli, born February 21, 1952, in Chicago, IL was called to Heaven Sunday, January 10th, 2021. Born to Raynold O. Petrocelli and Mary Mae Petrocelli, he grew up in Merrionette Manor on the Southeast side of Chicago. It was there he began working for his uncle, at the bar/restaurant where his passion for business, cooking and serving his community began. He continued to pursue a life in the restaurant business in his late teens while attending Leo High School on the south side of Chicago. In his early twenties, he partnered with his father in their own restaurant, Little Ray’s Restaurant and Lounge.

With a strong work ethic in mind, Ray attended and graduated from Calumet College of St. Joseph, formerly known as St. Joseph’s Catholic College, while running the restaurant. After college, and years of running his own restaurant, and other entrepreneurial endeavors, Ray found his calling in the insurance industry. It was here that his drive and leadership skills shined the brightest. He was elevated from a sales agent to a leadership role in a very short time. As he continued to hone his own skills, he was always willing to share his experiences and knowledge, helping many others along the way.

In 2003, Ray saw an opportunity and partnered with Joe Kobel to co-found Allegiance Insurance Services and Agent Support Network of America (ASNOA). Together, they wanted to start an independent insurance agency that put the customer first and a pioneering network that provided more than just carrier access. As a direct result of his leadership, ASNOA has grown into one of the largest agency clusters in our industry and the go-to agency network for truly individualized support.

On a personal note, Ray was the epitome of a family man. He was affectionately known as Pop Pop by his 10 grandchildren and always made time to see his family and friends. A devout Catholic, his faith and family were always first. He loved to spend his time with his grandchildren, whether it was reading books to the little ones or watching them compete in sports, he would never miss an opportunity. Playing golf, good food and wine, storytelling, and travel were some other pleasures he enjoyed sharing with his loved ones. He touched the lives of so many and will continue to live on in our hearts forever.

Living Memory

"ASNOA Team, I've said this in front of Ray and in front of many of you at state meetings. This group has such a family feel. A lot of that feeling comes from the warmth, class, and respect that Ray operated with every time you were around him. A true class act. His poise and professionalism leave a lasting impression on me and how to deal with people. I'm honored and thankful that I got to meet him and learn about his passion for people and this group. My thoughts are with the Ray's family in this time, both personal and professional. I know the group is positioned well to continue on his legacy. I'm so sorry for the loss here." -Davie Holt and the IPFS Team.

"I am so very sorry for your loss. I will miss Ray’s smile, laugh and spirited personality. Thinking about him know makes me both smile and sad. I feel fortunate to have to have known him. My thoughts and prayers are with the Petrocelli and ASNOA families."  -Cathy Koenig

"We are all saddened at our agency to learn of Ray's sudden passing. My husband and I met Ray in Chicago last year when I decided to join forces with ASNOA. Ray made us feel welcome and happy to be a part of the ASNOA team. We are grateful we had the opportunity to meet him. Our hearts are sad for the ASNOA team in Chicago and for Ray's family. All of you are in our thoughts and prayers." -Rachel Walter, Vlad Markovic, Jennifer Wheelock, Christian Corpus, & JJ Harrell

"My heart breaks for all the family and friends of Ray. He has touched the lives of so many throughout the years. I'm blessed to be apart of the ASNOA family. Ray has taught us so much over the years through his thoughtfulness and leadership. I will miss his impromptu singing and his friendliness. He will be missed." - Laura Hamilton

"Ray was like a 2nd Dad to me. I’ve known him since I was 5 years old. He was a great man and a good mentor throughout the years. He will be missed beyond words. We love the Petrocelli family and the whole ASNOA family. We are praying for you all!" -Scott & Christina Kaye

"I am sorry to hear about your loss. I didn't have the opportunity to meet Ray but I have heard a lot of great things about him and can see the dedication and legacy that he has left for everyone in his family and organization. My thoughts and prayers are with the Petrocelli family during this difficult time." -Mike Meceli

"I am so sorry to hear about the passing of Ray. I feel honored to have had the chance to work with Ray as a carrier partner. I will keep his family and friends in my thoughts and prayers during this difficult time. Ray was truly a remarkable man." - Laura Cowley

"Our deepest condolences to the Petrocelli Familiy. We are so very sorry for your loss. We knew Ray and Patty when we lived in Chicago many years ago, and then I became an agent with ASNOA. We will keep Ray and the Petrocelli family in our thoughts and prayers and we will request a mass for Ray at our church." -Eileen and Patrick Brennan

"My heart and condolences goes out to the entire Petrocelli and ASNOA family. As an ASNOA business partner for many years, I'll never forget all the great times travels and outings with Ray along with the ASNOA group. Ray reached so many people and always did with kindness, smarts and love in his heart. He was legend and will truly be missed. I still remember the week Ray and Joe opened their first office and how nice and interested and open Ray and Joe were. We talked awhile and Ray said to sign them up. Shortly after and over the years I've met many beautiful friends and business partners. Seems like just yesterday and the business has flourished to agencies all the country, unbelievable story because of Ray's business acumen. Praying for all of you and so happy that Nick and Mike and the whole group are there to carry on Ray's wonderful legacy." -Joan Cantieri and Team Imperial PFS

"Ray as a boss was incredible. He knew how to make you feel comfortable and welcomed immediately, and genuinely cared about how you were doing and how he could help. Most importantly, he was an advocate for those he cared about. Ray had a way of making you feel supported, and that no matter how ambitious your project or goal, we could all do it together. He was always at the ready with words of encouragement and recognition of hard work. He had a special way of inspiring a crowd wherever he went and never failed to embolden his team. His guidance has affected my life in positive ways, and it will not be the same without him." -Meghan Lang

"Ray was an extraordinary person who had a special way about him. The first time I met Ray we instantly connected and I always looked forward to visiting and meeting with him. May he rest in peace and he will be missed." -Joe Tassone, Rockford Mutual

"I am so very sorry to hear of Ray’s sudden passing. I had met Ray as a business partner of American Modern. Each and every time I was around Ray at a meeting, conference, or function, he took time to visit with me and I always enjoyed his genuine kindness and sincerity. Sending my deepest condolences." -Sheri Zukowski

"My condolences to the Petrocelli family. Ray & Joe gave me an opportunity 14 years ago that I have been grateful for ever since. The number one reason I joined ASNOA was due to the fact that Ray and Joe made me feel like I was apart of a family with ASNOA. Ray was always available to chat about business, family, and kids. He will be greatly missed." -Mary Beth Stiltner

"I was deeply saddened to hear of Ray’s sudden passing. My heart goes out to both his personal and work families which I know he cared about deeply. Since the first day I had the opportunity to meet Ray, he was nothing but personable. His professionalism can be seen throughout the ASNOA organization and I know that will live on going forward. My thoughts and prayers are with the Petrocelli and ASNOA family during this difficult time." -Marc and the entire Safeco – Liberty Mutual team

"So very sorry for your loss in the Petrocelli family. Ray was the true embodiment of the American Spirit. Dedicated to hard work, his family, and entrepreneurship. He was always full of great stories and had an amazing passion for his family, especially those Grandkids. He will be missed." -Chris Hackworth

"I am very sorry to hear of Ray's sudden passing. I'm appreciative to have had the opportunity to meet and break bread with him in recent years. My thoughts and prayers are with the Petrocelli and ASNOA families as you mourn his passing and celebrate his life." -John Colvert

"Ray had such a passion to pull others up along with him. Always willing to share experiences that had worked for him. I always knew he cared about the people around him as well as myself. Leaders like that don't come around often. What a great legacy he's left for so many of us to be thankful for." - Gary Price

"Our condolences to the family. Ray was a great guy and professional that I very much looked up to. The family, as well as the team at ASNOA, will be in our prayers!" - Jamie Liles

"Ray was a great guy as my relationship with him goes back to the start of Allegiance. We had some great times together especially the (limo Sox game). I appreciated our friendship and very sadden to learn of his loss. My condolences to the entire Petrocelli family and folks at ASNOA. RIP" - Steven Ford

"I was deeply saddened to hear about Ray's sudden passing, All of my thoughts and prayers are with the Petrocelli family and his ASNOA family during this difficult time. Ray was a real gentleman and a Giant in our business and I will miss him dearly. Rest Easy Ray" -Jamey Alwood

"Ray was a great agent and a great friend. Always smiling, always happy to see you. I had the pleasure of being a Marketing Rep that called on Ray and ASNOA. We enjoyed many fun times golfing at the DuPage IIA Golf Outing. Ray was someone I always looked forward to seeing. I'm very sad to hear that Ray passed away. I will miss him. My thoughts and Prayers go out to Ray's family and to all the members of ASNOA." -Kirk Galasso, Progressive

"Our hearts are heavy with his loss, he will be sincerely missed by many. It was such a pleasure working and getting to know Ray through our ASNOA agents in Arizona with Safeco Insurance." JMJ -Toni Chavez, Safeco Insurance

"I was very fortunate to meet and work with Ray through his agency and Rockford Mutual. Ray has always been a pleasure to work with and was always a gracious individual. We will all miss him." -Shane Heeren, Rockford Mutual

"Our deepest condolences to the Petrocelli family. May the Lord comfort and provide peace to all of you. Our thoughts and prayers go out to you and all who knew Ray." -Tammy Inzunza

"It was always a pleasure to see Ray. He remembered our name each and every time we got together. He was a tremendous asset to ASNOA and our agency. He made a special trip to visit us at our agency and it was always a pleasure to talk and listen to his advice. Thank you Ray for your guidance and you will never be forgotten!" -Alan Humphreys

"Our hearts are heavy with the news of Ray's passing. Our thoughts and prayers are with the Petrocelli family. Ray was a smart and caring man. I have only known Ray for a few years and he was always so welcoming to our family. He always greeted us with that signature smile and a firm handshake. Rest easy my friend we will see you again." -Nathan Humphreys

"My heart has been heavy since hearing of Ray's passing. Ray welcomed me in to the ASNOA family with open arms and that's how I will always feel..like a part of the family. He was a joy to be around and his passion for people and what he loved was evident. I will always remember his smile and laugh ! My prayers go out to the Petrocelli family ! Rest in Peace Ray we'll see you again some day." -Eric Knipp

"I've been deeply saddened since I heard of Ray's passing on Sunday. Ray's leadership, motivation, teaching and friendship is something I will cherish for the remainder of my life. I'm immensely sad for the Petrocelli family. I hope in time you may find peace. I speak for all our affiliates in MO in saying, thank you for your leadership and foresight. I will end with a phrase I have stated to Ray and Joe many times, "Thank you for the opportunity!" Rest in Peace my friend." -Scott Loveland

"I've had the pleasure of working for Ray for almost 14 years. He was a great boss and someone I looked up to. I learned a lot from him. Some of my favorite memories were all of his stories. He impacted a lot of people, traveled a lot of place, and experienced the best that life has to offer. Some of those stories were of course about business and his knowledge about the insurance industry schooling us. I always tried to absorb that information like a sponge because he knew what he was talking about. Some stories were about life lessons, and some stories were just a funny story or joke that always ended with a big smile, he trademark laugh, and a "whoa". I also had the privilege of also being able to have a friendship experience hanging out outside of work too. I'll remember those memories the most. He will be deeply missed by a lot of people. My condolences to the entire Petrocelli family. Praying for you all during this very difficult time." -Steve Ellis

"We are so sorry to hear of the passing of Ray. His guidance in the insurance industry/ASNOA will be greatly missed. "unable are the loved to die, for love is immortality" Emily Dickinson During this time of overwhelming sorrow, may we all remember the treasured moments shared with Ray and may these precious memories ease the grieving heart and bring relief to the soul." -Marcia-Lena Hernandez

"I was lucky enough to work under Ray as an employee of Allegiance Insurance. I've only worked there a little over a year so I didn't know him as well as others but I learned very quickly what a kind and welcoming person he was in addition to a brilliant businessman. He always had a smile on his face and always said hi to everyone. The business that he and Joe built is truly amazing and I feel so blessed to work there. I will always have fond memories of Ray. My heart hurts for the family right now and I am praying for you all." -Holly Linder

"I will miss his great stories and witnessing his deep concern for his family and business associates .He so much enjoyed helping others and connecting people. He was a joy to be around and I will miss breaking bread and drinking good wine with him. He went out of his way to make things happen for me and my business partner and he will always be in my memory and prayers. My deepest sympathy and prayers go out to his family. Rest in peace Ray, you earned it." -Steve Conte

"Ray was truly one of the biggest supporters of mine. His foresight is beyond anyone I've ever known, the vision he had for business, his brilliance along with Joe's successful sales tactics was truly the dynamic duo so amazing to watch come together form our company into what our is today. So many memories flood my mind and heart of Ray and some of my favorites he and Joe took me to Capri and he asked me what would I think about being the trainer for ASNOA, what did I like better CL or Training? You can see his wheels have already spun he already knew exactly what my role would be at ASNOA and even envisioned what it would become even more than training and a few years later asked me to to develop CL classes he already envisioned it would become the ASNOA U and the success of offering education classes he came up with the motto "knowledge increases revenue" was his and he had more faith in me that I had in myself which gave me the confidence and the push to continuously step outside my comfort zone and do better as he continued to teach me along with way. I was truly blessed with having my two mentors to be two gentlemen that are bigger than life in my eyes Ray and Joe throughout my entire career here at ASNOA. So many fun memories during our travels, many fun times, places we've been an experienced one that comes to mind immediately is playing bocce ball with Ray. Ray was so excited to join in the fun, as he always was, just loved it and if you had been lucky enough to have him sing Ray, Franky Sinatra/Dean Martin style "Happy Birthday" to you, you were blessed to have that experience. Ray's Family meant everything to him. Sharing fun and advise of raising children to the beyond elated to having his full baseball team of 9 boys and when the Princess Lola arrived that was the game winner! I posted a picture of when he shared his news at a conference. A Very Proud Pop Pop! I would share to all that stepping outside of your comfort zone is one way to achieve great things in life we'll all need to continue to do that in honor of Ray." -Kathy Bova

"My deepest condolences to Ray's family. I met Ray as a business partner with my company, American Modern Insurance. He was one of the kindest men I have ever met. He always seemed to have a smile on his face! He will be missed. RIP Ray." -Nancy Joure

"Will remember Ray as always family first. has been a pleasure to work with Ray & Joe for last 12 years. Thoughts & prayers to family and friends, his legacy will live on forever with his family." -Barry Gustafson Colorado

"I met Ray at an insurance convention in New Orleans. Having spent the previous 24 years as a captive agent, I was looking for a way to start over from scratch as an independent agent. At our first introduction, Ray's story sounded very parallel to mine, so we agreed to meet for drinks later that night to discuss how ASNOA could benefit me. And did we drink. He left such a positive impression on me, I was certain that I could succeed with his guidance. Later, when I made the commitment to launch my business once again, with ASNOA at my side, his expertise proved to be the winning factor in the 2nd chapter of my insurance career. My shock at his sudden passing has left me stunned. Yet, I'll forever be grateful for him becoming a part of my life. Someday, I'll see you on the other side, Ray. Someday...." -Dave Cox

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Upload a Photo or Message For Ray's In Memorial

At the ASNOA Connect on October 5, 2021, ASNOA will have an "In Memorial" during the Honorary Dinner. We are putting together a presentation with photos, videos, and messages from Affiliates. We would love to include a photo and message from you where possible. Please use the form below to upload your items. Your photo and message will be included here as well as in the In Memorial presentation (pending space/time availability, ASNOA has the final cut on all presentation materials).

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Memorial Events

Ray's Honorary Summer Picnic

ASNOA and Allegiance Insurance Services will be hosting an Honorary Summer Picnic to celebrate Ray's life the way he enjoyed most: surrounded by good food, family, and friends. This will be a barbeque done "Rico's Way" to honor one of the greatest hosts, Ray Petrocelli. There will be activities for people of all ages, including Ray's favorite game, Bocci Ball, done tournament style. Come join ASNOA and Allegiance as we celebrate a great man.

Date: August 7
Location: Oak Knoll Shelter
Messenger Woods Nature Preserve
13800 W Bruce Rd Homer Glen, IL 60491

Time: 1:30 PM - 7:00 PM
Agenda: 3:00 PM Memorial Service, 4:00 PM Dinner Served

Ray ASNOA Picnic

Raynold T. Petrocelli Memorial Golf Tournament

On October 6, 2021, ASNOA will host a memorial golf tournament at the Missouri Bluffs golf course in St. Charles, MO. The tournament will be a shotgun scramble starting around 10 AM with mini-contests throughout (closest to the hole, hole in one, and longest drive) as well as a tournament winner with prizes. Donations will go to Catholic Charities, Ray's charity of choice. We need at least 40 golfers to reserve the course. Please register today to let us know you are interested!

Date: October 6, 2021
Location: Missouri Bluffs Golf Course
Time: 10:00 AM CST

Ray Petrocelli with Nick and Mike Petrocelli golfing

ASNOA will honor Ray's legacy by continuing to grow his company and accomplish his dream of building the top independent insurance aggregator in the industry.