The ASNOA Gameplan

We have created a gameplan - based on our experiences and lessons learned from the past 20 years helping independent agencies grow - that gives you more than any other network out there. Our only goal is to help increase your success as an agency owner.

STEP 1: Take The Plunge With The Most Competitive Contract Out There

  • Sign a contract that lets you leave at anytime and with no non-compete
  • Pay only hard costs for software (like your AMS) - there are NO MEMBERSHIP FEES
  • Get ready to write with multiple carriers using your own direct code (Learn more about direct access vs producer codes)
Start an independent insurance agency
Support for independent insurance agents

STEP 2: Receive One-On-One Help Setting Up Your Agency

  • Partner with a personal Onboarding Specialist who will be there every step of the way as you launch a successful independent insurance agency
  • Work with your Agency Services team who will prefill pertinent agency information and submit applications on your behalf to streamline the carrier application process
  • Get step-by-step training for you and your staff to set up your agency management system and personal lines rater
  • Work with Accounting to streamline your commissions and reporting and save time
How to make more money as an independent insurance agent

STEP 3: Enjoy More Money Done Easier

  • Profit from higher commissions (average between 15-20% on new bz and 13.5% on renewals)
  • Qualify for more profit sharing bonuses at higher rates
  • Have ASNOA's team of accountants reconcile each commission statement by carrier and producer FOR YOU (completely free)
  • Receive reports and regular check ins from ASNOA's analysts to track your profitability, production, and carrier sales goals
  • Bask in a higher close ratio for new and returning clients because of the multiple options at your fingertips
Grow your independent insurance agency

STEP 4: Increase Your Market Access & Expand Your Knowledge

  • Utilize ASNOA's partnership with Wealth Management in a Box and Creative One to add financial planning to your book of business with little effort
  • Take free ASNOA University courses to expand into Life, Small Business Commercial, and other Specialty markets
  • Write through partnering agencies to place business you wouldn't otherwise be able to; all while still enjoying commissions
  • Leverage ASNOA's newsletters, webinars, podcasts, training videos, interactive resources and more to take the fullest advantage of being an independent agent
Sell Your Insurance Agency

STEP 5: Build a Legacy to Pass On or Easily Leave with Your Book

  • Sell your book in-network with an avg. 2.5 - 3X multiplier and keep 100% of the sale
  • Pass your business to the next generation through succession planning that we can assist with (free of charge)
  • Leave at any time, take your book with you, and maintain your carrier appointments (transparent note here: there is a diminishing transition cost to leave the network during contract, down to 20%)

Grow Your Business on Your Own Terms

As you grow, ASNOA grows with you. Enjoy more carriers, bonus opportunities, staff training, marketing resources, technology, and more; all personalized to your business.