Review management automatically generated out of Epic. Get more reviews with less work.

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Write business as usual, get more reviews. It's that simple.

ASNOA's partnership with SocialSurvey provides ASNOA members a unique opportunity to generate more reviews and online presence for their business without having to put in extra work. With an automated system that generates reviews off of new business and renewals that you write in Epic, you can manage your reviews with no added work.

This system is offered at an exclusive ASNOA discount to current ASNOA members.

Seamless Integration

ASNOA has done the leg work ahead of time by setting up a flow of data between Applied Epic and SocialSurvey. As a result, your reviews go out automatically at the most opportune time for feedback. Your reviews then automatically get posted to your social media, website and beyond.

Easy Implementation

ASNOA works with you individually to ensure the right review requests go out to the right people. We walk through your data in Epic, help with the data clean, and start the integration process for you between Epic and SocialSurvey. ASNOA then helps you set up your account and trains you on the platform.

Exclusive Pricing

For as low as $70 a month, you can enjoy the full suite of SocialSurvey products, including review management, surveying, texting, auto social media posting, net promoter scores, analytics and more. And your payments are simply pulled out of your monthly ASNOA Statement.

How does it work?

  • Integration with Epic

    The ASNOA team has worked to setup a connection with Epic so that your branch is automatically feeding information to SocialSurvey. As long as your information in Epic is up to date, SocialSurvey is working with the same information you are.

  • Automatic Review Requests

    When you write new business or renew policies, SocialSurvey sends out a review asking your customer to review the person they worked with. 

  • Reviews Posted Online

    SocialSurvey asks the customer to review the experience, rate how likely they are to recommend you, and then asks the customer to publish their review to Google. After this, the review is posted to your SocialSurvey page and to any social media platforms you have linked to your account, creating a splash across the internet.

Get More For Less

  • Survey

    Build a happier, more engaged frontline team. Improve customer experience and online reputation.

  • Monitor

    Protect the enterprise by monitoring social media activity to ensure compliant social posts and marketing content.

  • Listings

    Instantly control and manage your brand’s digital online presence with accurate location listings.

  • Promote

    Retain your best employees, attract great talent, and improve online reputation by voicing employee content.