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Becoming Independent: Leaving Captivity

ASNOA / June 9, 2020
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Need-Based Selling

Let’s talk about potentially the greatest shift in sales in this century: Need-based selling. Need-based selling means restructuring your sales strategies around your individual client’s needs. Up until the pandemic, most sales tactics were based on product offerings; you can provide countless auto policies from all of the biggest carriers, and that is why people should get their insurance from your agency. Frankly, that way of selling just won’t cut it anymore.   So what’s changed? Well, people. This pandemic triggered in us the need for security, which naturally is your M.O., but this time it’s a bit different. Everyone...
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Developing a Strategy For Success

One of the easiest ways to figure out how efficiently your agency is running is by performing a SWOT Analysis… but what the heck is that? Long story short, a SWOT Analysis is a technique for assessing (S)trengths, (W)eaknesses, (O)pportunities, and (T)hreats in your business ( So how is a SWOT helpful? You can use it to get the most out of your agency’s current resources, and it will show you how to use your assets to your best advantage. It can also reduce your risk of failure by eliminating obstacles that could catch you unaware. The best takeaway is...
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How to Motivate Your Team

At this stage in the game, most companies are going through an unexpected lull in enthusiasm. It’s not because we lack ambition or determination, it’s just that everything suddenly feels like a lot. We worked at the office, then we worked from home, now we’re back to the office. Swinging from place to place has left some of us dizzy, disoriented, and incredibly tired. If you’re now finding it challenging to motivate your team, you are not alone. Fortunately, there are key strategies that can help revitalize your teammates and get your office back to where you want to be....
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Bootstrap Marketing for IAs

You’ve heard by now the importance of investing in marketing for your agency, but 1) who has the time to launch several successful marketing campaigns and 2) where would you find the money to pay for them? The good news is that it doesn't have to cost you an arm and a leg to build up your agency’s popularity. It is totally possible to grow your business with minimal investment into marketing if you're willing to learn. Take a look at these five techniques we’ve compiled and see which one is right for you! Build an Email List One of...
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How to Close Remotely

Whether you’re opening your agency up completely or permanently implementing work-remote options, the recent pandemic has changed how independent agents think about business. Gone are the days of door-to-door prospecting, with digital marketing and advertising taking its place. Times are changing, and independent agents need to acclimate in order to find success with the millennial and Gen Z populations. Target Your Market There is no better tip than that through the COVID-19 ordeal. This method helps you find a niche (or multiple) and grow your sphere of influence in specific communities. Proven to be a more efficient and productive use...
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Streamline Commercial Lines Remarketing

Remarketing commercial lines is a big task and shouldn’t be taken lightly. In fact, many agents shy away from the it because they either don’t feel comfortable enough dealing with commercial lines or they think remarketing is too much of a hassle. Let me tell you something: it’s not as difficult as you think! There are plenty of resources available to independent agents (ASNOA Affiliates most of all) that streamline the process and make remarketing an extra source of revenue. Here are ten helpful tips to make remarketing commercial lines smooth saling: Know Everything about Commercial Lines! If you or...
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Google My Business for IAs

The internet is not easy, we know, but something that could make or break a sale is your Google My Business page. More and more people go straight to Google when researching insurance agencies, and if you’re agency’s information isn’t accurate or easily readable, that will most definitely dissuade clients from reaching out.   Here is a brief checklist of ways you can easily improve your Google My Business page  Check ownership of current listing. It is likely owned by your captive carrier but check to see if you have the ability to close the location. Check out Google’s Support Page for tips on managing ownership. You NEED to have ownership of your...
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Target Marketing for IAs

Target marketing is smart marketing, and if your agency isn’t using these five strategies already, we’ve got news for you: chances are you’re working too hard for too little payoff. But how can you find target markets?   Here are five opportunities to look into:  Take a look at clients you’re currently serving and examine your book of business. Do you write a lot of restaurants and contractors? Maybe you've had a lot of success providing life insurance for families, or you’re familiar with the long-term disability market. Whatever it is you’ve written a lot of, leverage your experience to appeal to prospects interested in these markets.  Emerging industries and businesses should always be on your radar, especially local ones. Cybersecurity is a great example; as a trend that...
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COVID Cold Calling

Let’s face it, cold calling has been brutal these past few months. There is a full-proof way to stay consistent while calling potential clients, so you can focus on enriching your content and tell those nerves to take a hike! Here’s what to consider when cold calling after the pandemic: Write a script This way you can practice what you want to say and how to say it. You don’t want it to sound like you’re reading out loud, but you don’t want to look like you don’t know what you’re talking about either. Find that fine line of straight...
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Becoming Independent: Leaving Captivity

This blog is the first in a series that takes you all the way through your journey to becoming independent; from finishing your career as a captive agent to confidently running your own agency, ‘Becoming Independent’ will highlight each step in the process and what you can do to maximize your success rate. The first step to become independent is resigning from your captive position. After you make the decision to jump from captive to independent agent, how do you politely tell the company you’ve been with that you want to leave? In this blog, we’ll break down the three...
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Who is ASNOA?

The Agent Support Network of America (ASNOA) is a fully integrated marketing and service network for independent insurance agents. We offer more than just carrier and market access, we support your entire business with our list of services, which includes accountinglicensingmarketingtraining, and ongoing educationContact us today to see how we can help you grow your agency.