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Becoming Independent: Leaving Captivity

ASNOA / June 9, 2020
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Social Media Tips for Independent Insurance Agents

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Comparing Different Insurance Agency Location Types

What are the pros and cons of a storefront vs. a home office vs. a rented “virtual” office/shared space? One of the biggest questions you’ll need to answer as you formulate plans to start your business is where you will locate it. Will you work from home or set up an office, storefront or other commercial space? In some cases, you’ll have no choice, as the needs of your business or zoning laws may decide for you. But very often, the decision will be yours. If you’re trying to decide whether to start a home-based business vs. brick and mortar...
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How to Purchase Your Independent Insurance Agency Domain

There are a ton of website domain providers out there. Pick the one that offers you the best combination or price, service, and security. We have used GoDaddy, Network Solutions, and Google Domains. I am going to use GoDaddy for the visuals below, but the steps are pretty much the same for all three sites: 1.Go to and look for the search bar at the top 2. Type in your desired company name and click “Search Domain.” Let’s use “Lang Insurance” after my last name. 3. If your domain name is taken like mine, you will see this on...
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Register Your Business + Obtain Federal & State Tax IDs

Once you settle on a name you like, you will need to protect it. First, you need to register your entity name at the state level. Typically, the information you will need to file with your state agency includes: a. Business Name b. Business Location c. Ownership/Management Structure (for LLCs, this is typically your Articles of Organization) d. Registered Agent Information e. Filing fee Additional required documents vary by state and business structure, see chart below for a quick breakdown. Need help finding where to register on the state level? Click here to go to the SBA website! Your designated...
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Three Places to Check if Your Agency Name is Available

Before you start registering your independent insurance agency, you want to double check that your chosen business name is even available for you to use commercially both in your state and online. State Level The first place you need to check if an entity name is available is at your local Secretary of State or state agency. Each state may have different rules about what your entity name can include and/or have requirements for how your name reflects the kind of business it represents. Most states also don’t allow you to register a name that’s already been registered by someone...
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Tips for Picking an Agency Name

If you need help brainstorming an insurance agency name, we have a few tips and ideas to get you started. Top Tips Keep it easy to pronounce – Say the name out loud, have others say it out loud to you too. Is it easy to say and understand? Make it easy to spell – This is especially important when it comes to your website and emails. You want to be able to tell people where to go or how to contact you in a fast and non-frustrating way. Keep it relevant – Several states require you use terminology that...
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Tips for Your Business Plan

Putting together a business plan when starting your own independent insurance agency helps you to: Think through the key planning elements as you develop your new agency Create a roadmap for how to structure, launch, run, and grow your business Get carrier appointments and set strategic goals for sustainable and successful carrier relations Communicate your value to potential business partners and investors A good business plan clearly and concisely: Introduces your business model and establishes credibility Defines the structure of your agency, including roles and responsibilities Lays out what type of insurance and financial services you will provide Identifies your...
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Interview with the Mastersons

Marti Masterson and her husband Doug have been involved in the insurance industry for over 20 years, 11 of which they’ve spent as independent agents with ASNOA. Now the two are enjoying retirement after Marti sold her book for 280% of its revenue, but their journey was not an easy one. ASNOA’s Communications Supervisor Madeline Smith sat down with the couple to hear the story of how the Mastersons found great success in the independent sector after being dealt a heavy blow from their captive overseers.   Madeline: Thank you both for taking the time to speak with me today,...
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Is Twitter Useful for Small Businesses?

The first complete form of Twitter had its debut in 2007 at the famous South by Southwest music conference in Austin, TX, and it initially had trouble developing a revenue stream because, unlike other social media platforms, there was no opportunity for banner advertisements ( Fast forwarding to today, the platform boasts 330 million monthly active users, 186 million of which are labeled as ‘Monetizable Daily Active Users’ ( This means that those 186 million people view targeted promotional tweets, visual ads, and recommended posts decided by Twitter’s algorithm that maps user behavior. So what do all of these numbers...
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Five Things Millennials Look for When Buying Insurance

Millennials are obsessed with the idea of adulting (v. behaving like a responsible adult, typically characterized by the accomplishment of mundane but necessary tasks). I know this because I, myself, happen to be a millennial who works in one of the most traditionally ‘mature’ industries in the world: insurance. There’s nothing more adult than buying insurance, which is equal parts thrilling and terrifying for people my age who can’t even commit to eating breakfast seven days a week. Already saddled with other adult-ish obligations like student loans, rent, and paying an outlandish amount for parking in the Chicagoland area, the...
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Cybersecurity Tips When Working Remote

It seems like almost overnight we all switched to working remotely, and some of us have seen massive spikes in productivity! Working from home (or your beach house in Florida) comes with great perks like flexible working location, anytime snack breaks, and regular cuddles from your pets, but did you know it can have some nasty repercussions?   Working in Public Spaces Imagine this scenario: you’re tired of being cooped up in your home, so you decide to work from a local coffee shop (while safely social distancing, of course) that offers WiFi access. It may not seem like a...
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Who is ASNOA?

The Agent Support Network of America (ASNOA) is a fully integrated marketing and service network for independent insurance agents. We offer more than just carrier and market access, we support your entire business with our list of services, which includes accountinglicensingmarketingtraining, and ongoing educationContact us today to see how we can help you grow your agency.