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Becoming Independent: Leaving Captivity

Madeline Smith / June 9, 2020
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Current Trends in Insurance

The coronavirus pandemic has impacted almost every aspect of our lives. Daily activities like grocery shopping, chatting with friends, and traveling to and from work have all changed to incorporate some aspect of uncertainty. With so many resources out there claiming one thing or another, how can you pinpoint exactly how your industry is changing and what trends to consider? Is there more to talk about besides an increased interest in life insurance? Possible growth of cyber risks due to working remotely As you’ve probably already guessed, almost everyone is conducting their business remotely. That means the number of agents...

Phishing Email First Response

With many companies working from home, security is top-of-mind for owners and managers. Without domain securities in place and employees using home networks and computers, more vulnerabilities may be present and exploited by hackers and phishers. If a user at your company is compromised, and a spam email is sent from their account, here are some of the first steps you can take to mitigate the damage. Contact Your IT Provider The first step is naturally to contact your IT company or tech provider and notify them that there’s been a breach. There are often steps that need to be...

Ways to Save During COVID-19

For some of us, money is a little tighter than usual due to coronavirus-related financial changes. It seems like everyone has an opinion about how you can save a quick buck, and most fall into one of two categories: the obvious or the low returns. So how do you find ways to save that can actually improve your quality of life and don’t make you feel like you’re sacrificing? We have found three easy replacements for common household expenditures. Get into Gardening There’s something so satisfying about growing your own food, and herbs can be expensive! Contrary to popular belief,...

How to Virtually Engage Clients

Now that we are all sequestered at home, it’s time to upgrade how you engage with your clients. Many independent agents have already utilized video conferencing platforms like  Zoom to mimic in-person meetings, but there are more fun ways you can strengthen your relationships with your customers. Here are some easy-to-learn ways to reach out to your clients, grow your online presence, and alleviate some of your quarantine boredom!   Personalized videos Applications like Loom allow you to create quick tutorials using your own computer. These videos can be shared one-on-one with your clients via a direct link, or you can upload...

COVID-19 Federal Relief Resources

To say business has been tough lately is an understatement. The financial pressure is getting heavier for more and more small businesses as their revenue stream slows to a trickle. Congress passed the CARES act to give relief to these financial burdens, but not everyone has received or qualifies for the CARES Act loans. If you’re wondering where to turn to find relief, here’s a guide of five resources you could take advantage of: Federal Relief Opportunities CARES ACT: By this point, you should have heard about the CARES Act passed in late March, and if not read THIS BLOG for some...

VP of Education Reviews NBS iQuote

I’ve been quoting small commercial my entire career and have searched tirelessly for a quality BOP comparative rater. After so many fell flat, I started to have my doubts about finding something easy to use with useful capabilities. When NBS released iQuote, I was skeptical; would it disappoint me like all the rest? After watching the demo and trying the platform out for myself, I give Nationwide Brokers Solutions' iQuote two thumbs up! At last, a comparative rater for Small Business Commercial Insurance is now available for: BOP’s Business Auto Workers Compensation and more!   If that’s not enough to...

Entering NBS Policies in Epic

NBS is a very popular carrier, but many agents are running into issues when they try to enter NBS policies into Epic. We want our agents to be successful, so we've highlighted the specific steps you have to take when entering an NBS. For these policies issued directly from NBS, follow this procedure: Add a package policy Add the lines of business issued along with 2 FEE lines of business (see below) Add the carrier but change the Premium Payable to NBS Nationwide Brokerage Solutions (NBS) Then add in commission (If you don’t know, add in 10%) At this time,...

Video Conferencing Best Practices

You’ve started to work remotely, and to keep business running as usual your agency has incorporated video conferencing into the daily routine. This is an excellent way to stay in communication with your team as well as keep everyone up to date on current projects.   Some people find it difficult to video conference due to interruptions, spotty internet, and other technical and nontechnical issues. Here are eight tips on how to video chat with proper etiquette and make the experience more enjoyable:   Mute yourself when you’re not speaking You may think you're being quiet, but believe it or...

COVID-19 Small Business Loans

Unfortunately, the impacts of the Coronavirus are being felt on all levels of our society, including small businesses. To provide relief of these temporary losses, Congress passed the CARES (Coronavirus Aid, Relief, and Economic Security) Act on March 27. How can the CARES Act help your agency? Here is a list of eight most commonly asked questions by small business owners: What loans are available to help Small Businesses during COVID-19? Currently, there are two government loans (the Economic Injury Disaster Loan and the Paycheck Protection Loan) that can help independent agencies dealing with backlash from COVID-19. Applying for these...

Who is ASNOA?

The Agent Support Network of America (ASNOA) is a fully integrated marketing and service network for independent insurance agents. We offer more than just carrier and market access, we support your entire business with our list of services, which includes accountinglicensingmarketingtraining, and ongoing educationContact us today to see how we can help you grow your agency.