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Becoming Independent: Leaving Captivity

ASNOA / June 9, 2020
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Social Media Tips for Independent Insurance Agents

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Community Marketing Tips for Independent Insurance Agencies

Independent agencies and brokers rely on sales to survive. Without sales, an agency will lack customers, lose revenue, and have no future. If sales represent the vehicle driving the success of your independent agency, then marketing, specifically community marketing, is that vehicle's fuel. Community marketing is essential to any independent insurance agency or insurance broker's survival. It is what will replace cold calls with warm leads that will ultimately grow your agency. Having well-planned strategies for marketing yourself on the community level will help you grow and sustain a base of customers who will turn to you first for all...
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Listen to Laura: Collecting Insurance Carrier Commissions

Have you seen the J.G. Wentworth commercial, "It’s My Money and I Need it Now?" It reminds me of all the discussions that I have had with agents about commissions. It’s your money, don’t you want it? You can only receive a commission if your policies are entered into the management system. Every month you should be receiving an Outstanding Commission Report, this report will show you any policies NOT entered into the system, it shows 6 months’ worth of policies. The report also displays the agency name next to each policy, so there's is NO GUESSING required. It’s your...
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Designing a Great Insurance Agency Website

Whether you're a seasoned insurance agent or just getting your feet wet in the insurance industry, having a well-designed website is one of the tools that can set your business apart from other agents. Not only does a website serve as your business's digital identity, but it also has the potential of boosting your credibility and attracting new leads.    While designing a great insurance agency website can cost anywhere between a hundred dollars to fifty thousand dollars depending on your business needs, there are several basic rules that you must follow to design a great insurance agency that is...
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5 Insurance Strategies for 2022 Trends

As we approach the end of another tumultuous year, under the cloud of a lingering global pandemic, the lasting economic impact on the insurance industry is undeniable. Companies saw incredible losses in key sectors, like property-casualty underwriting. Analysts expect a continued drop in property-casualty underwriting as job losses and bankruptcies affect small business premiums. Unfortunately, these losses are expected to last well into the new year as companies in the retail, food service, and personal services industries continue to struggle. Projections indicate that volume will not return to pre-pandemic levels until the fourth quarter of 2022. With nonlife premiums expecting...
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Tis’ the Season to Make Money

A Holiday Marketing Guide for Insurance Agents   The holiday season can be a challenging time in the insurance industry. As people’s lives become preoccupied with visions of sugarplums and other assorted Christmas cheer, they tend to think less and less about insurance.   With the holidays fast approaching, now is the time to start planning how you’re going inject a little holiday spirit into your marketing efforts, boost your customer engagement, and strengthen your brand identity throughout the holiday season and beyond.   It doesn’t take much to incorporate the holiday season into your marketing plan. A little creativity...
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Thanksgiving Insurance Marketing Ideas

How Independent Insurance Agencies Can Harness Thanksgiving to Build Relationships   As we approach the holiday season, insurance may not be at the forefront of most people’s minds, but Thanksgiving can be a great time for insurance agencies to boost engagement and increase their brand image.   Celebrated on the fourth Thursday of each November, Thanksgiving is a United States holiday where family and friends gather to give thanks and fill their bellies with delicious food. For anyone in the insurance business, this can be a meaningful time for building brand awareness. You can be publicly grateful for any company...
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Thanksgiving Messages for Customers

For insurance companies with customers in the United States, Thanksgiving Day is the perfect time to show your appreciation for your customers. As a national holiday, unaffiliated with any religion, it offers the perfect opportunity to thank all your clients at once and let them know how much you appreciate their business. In this post, we will discuss three sure-fire ways to thank your customers this Thanksgiving holiday season. These Thanksgiving messages will not only help to deepen client relationships, but they can increase brand awareness and boost sales as well.   Thank You #1: Email a Thanksgiving message of...
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Grow Your Independent Agency

Establishing an independent insurance agency is a great accomplishment. You should feel overjoyed and proud of yourself already. In order to get the most out of your agency, you are going to want to keep progressing so your company doesn't hit a growth block.  Hitting a block can be discouraging and can prevent you from being a competitive company. You also need to keep adapting and evolving your business so that your agency seems more attractive to potential clients. If you want to take your company to the next level and remain appealing to prospects, here are some tips you can...
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Buying a Book of Business

Insurance agencies are bought and sold every day, but why should they matter to you? Is it ever the right time to purchase a book of business? Think about this: The average agency owner is 56 years old or older, and 20% of those agents are 66 or older. They are at the stage in their life where they are looking to retire, and their biggest asset is more than likely their insurance agency. To retire they need to sell their agency. This is where you step in. Acquiring another book of business is an easy way to scale your...
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Who is ASNOA?

The Agent Support Network of America (ASNOA) is a fully integrated marketing and service network for independent insurance agents. We offer more than just carrier and market access, we support your entire business with our list of services, which includes accountinglicensingmarketingtraining, and ongoing educationContact us today to see how we can help you grow your agency.