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Becoming Independent: Leaving Captivity

ASNOA / June 9, 2020
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Symbiosis: Referrals & Your Agency

To anyone who hears the word ‘symbiosis’ and is immediate transported back to high school biology, I apologize. It’s important to understanding that symbiosis doesn’t just refer to biological relationships, but also inorganic entities like your agency and your referral sources. Adopting a symbiotic business strategy can boost your agency’s visibility and prominence in the local community, as well as attract more prospective clients.   What is Symbiotic Business Strategy? This is a type of business strategy that focuses on building and maintaining key partnerships with other businesses. As an insurance agent, you probably want to focus on local real...
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Referrals: Part of Every Conversation

Referral Selling is a proven way to find quality prospects that convert at a high level and help you grow your agency. Having a referral system will provide a consistent source of new leads that will feed your agency on a regular basis. Referrals have a higher probability of converting into a client, yet most salespeople do not have a referral system. Why don’t insurance agents have a referral system? Referral selling is not easy, it is a skill that needs to be developed. Sales leaders will tell you their teams ask for referrals, but reality paints a different picture;...
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A More Organized, Efficient You!

Hopefully, you have taken the "How much is too much: Customer Service" quiz from our last ASNOA Advantage newsletter by now. If you didn't score highly, or if you just want to increase your productivity, then read on! Regardless of what role you have within your agency, it’s time to take control of your day. Organizing your office and planning out your day step-by-step sets you up for greater professional development. Let’s get started! Tip 1: Know your product! When you know and understand the products that you work with, you will be able to address clients’ questions calmly and...
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How much is too much: Customer Service

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ASNOA EVP Speaks on 2020 Profitability

With 2020 upon us, we have turned the calendar on another outstanding year for ASNOA and our Affiliate Agencies. In the coming weeks and months, carriers will begin to payout profit and growth bonuses for 2019 performance. Thanks to the hard work of our Affiliates, and The ASNOA Advantage®, we expect to have a very large number of our Affiliates reap the benefits. ASNOA Affiliates manage profit in their agencies through front line underwriting, proper risk placement when it comes to our carrier partners, and finally by mitigating losses via open communication with our carriers’ claims departments. While profit remains...
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How To: Job posting

Where and How Should I Post My Job Openings? The most common way individuals recruit new hires is through referrals – you know someone who knows someone. Sound familiar? If this, unfortunately, is not the case, then you have to venture out into the wide world of online job postings. To make matters worse, getting your online job posting just right is essential to attracting the right candidates. Your job listing is the first, and often only, place you have to create an impression on top talent. So how do you construct an attractive job posting guaranteed to get your...
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Self-driving Cars: Where will they steer the insurance world?

Autonomous vehicles, a concept we’ve always associated with sci-fi movies is now integrating into our reality. This new decade will bring a rise in the popularity and availability of ‘self-driving’ vehicles, but what does that mean for the insurance industry? Based on research conducted by Tesla, stated that the safety features of self-driving cars can reduce the risk of accidents and traffic violations. However, that doesn’t guarantee cheaper car insurance premiums for drivers. A study by insurance firm Accenture and the Stevens Institute of Technology predicted the insurance industry will see traditional premiums drop by $25 billion by 2035,...
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Ask Anissa: EPIC Downloads

Let’s start off the New Year right with Better Downloads! As you may have noticed, the training department will be purging suspense come January 6th, 2020. Now is the time to check suspense for all of your agency policy downloads and have them assigned out. It is crucial to follow-up on your downloads, so all of your client data is accurate, up-to-date, and so commissions are paid on time. Please take advantage of the built-in “Follow Up on Download” activity when adding policies into Epic. When you keep the activity open with your preferred follow-up date selected, the activity will...
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Ways to put more cash in your pocket as an insurance agent: Limiting MVR chargebacks 

Ways to put more cash in your pocket as an insurance agent: Limiting MVR Chargebacks One quick and easy way to put more cash in your pocket as an agency owner is to look at your MVR chargeback conversion percentages. These seem like small one-off charges, but they add up rather quickly, especially as you grow. It is always best practice to run MVR reports only on the policies you are truly confident in closing. But let's see what it looks like if you really focus on helping to limit these expenses. For all the newbies out there, MVR chargebacks...
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Webinars: Worthless or Worth it?

Five Questions to Ask Before You Register for a Webinar to Know If It's Worth Your Time We know there have been a lot of emails going out about upcoming webinars. They are great, inexpensive alternatives to classes and conferences that you can attend right from your home or office. But how do you know which ones are worth your time? First, let’s start with a definition: “A webinar is a live, virtual event that is executed online. It is an educational or instructive session that includes audio and visual communication between a speaker and attendees.” Five Questions to...
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