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Stay in front of your clients and save time servicing with ASNOA's automated, fully integrated email marketing platform; all at a significant member-discounted rate.

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At ASNOA we never settle for the industry standard, which is why we use Agency Revolution's Fuse platform for Affiliate email marketing.

The Fuse platform is one of the best email marketing platforms that integrates directly into Applied Epic. Combine that with the custom marketing campaigns built by ASNOA, and a dedicated ASNOA marketing team to help customize your experience, you get digital marketing capabilities for a price like no other in the independent insurance market.

User-Friendly Dashboard

Easily see statistics such as highest revenue clients, trends in your agency, percentage of policy types, and more.

Applied Epic Integration

Don't spend time exporting and uploading client lists, just run your business in Epic, and let our integration take care of the rest.

Easy-To-Run Campaigns

Powerful campaigns able to be run at the click of a button, with advanced segmenting and templates available.

Friendly Support

You won't have to manage the system alone! When you sign-up for this platform, you get ASNOA's Marketing Support Team helping you along the way.

Applied Epic Integration

Unlike other email marketing systems, ASNOA's system updates daily with your information from Epic. Our unique enterprise setup allows us to create a daily feed of your data to our platform, so you can continue doing business in Epic and know your data is being updated. Easily create triggers based on new policies, lost policies, or account updates without the hassle of manual uploads.

Timely Communication

Affiliates are able to pick from an extensive selection of content, and even request custom templates unique to your agency.

Most agents don't initiate timely customer communication. Communicating consistently is crucial to developing long-term, loyal customers. With Fuse's automated campaigns, these digital conversations can circulate at the same time your agency is writing business.

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Personal Insurance Review (PIR)

This is an automated email that is periodically sent out before your clients' policies renew, urging them to contact you with any questions or coverage updates. Letting your customers know that their policies are renewing soon and you'd like check-in with them conveys that much-needed personal touch to insurance.

Commercial Insurance Review

Similar to the PIR, these emails focus on your commercial clients' policy renewals. You want to be sure you're contacting companies at the right time to communicate genuine interest in their coverage performance.

Anniversary Campaign

A celebratory email, this communication is meant to thank your clients for their patronage and loyalty. Like all of Fuse's emails, feel free to customize this to match your agency's unique branding and add that extra oomph that your clients know and love.

Recapture Campaign

Every agency experiences a loss of a client, but there is a way to reach out to them professionally that isn't pestering or soliciting! The Recapture Campaign is set up like a follow-up email, expressing remorse over the customer's decision to leave your agency and asking them how they came to that decision.

Additional Campaigns

  • Birthday Campaign
  • Holiday Emails (Christmas, Labor Day, Independence Day, etc.)
  • Prospecting Templates
  • Cross-Sell Campaigns (Home No Auto, etc.)
  • Financial Advising Templates
  • Claims Templates

Don't see what you're after? Just ask!

The marketing team at ASNOA is constantly working to create new templates and refresh the old ones. If you have a specific template or idea in mind, just reach out to our team and we can help.

Our system is built to help you succeed. Talk to us about the email marketing you envision and we'll help you achieve it.