Agency of the Year Nomination Form

ASNOA believes recognition should be more than total revenue earned or policies issued.

We want to honor an agency that has done something remarkable, whether it is through impactful community outreach, a highly successful fundraiser, implementing innovative technology, or inventing new, efficient operating procedures that can be used by other agency owners to propel their businesses forward. We want to honor you.

This scholarship will be based on nominations submitted by ASNOA Affiliates for ASNOA Affiliates. Nominations will be accepted from January 1 through December 31, 2021. A committee established by ASNOA will select the winner. Only ASNOA Affiliate Agencies can win.

The winner will receive a full scholarship to the 2022 Annual ASNOA Sales Conference & Trade Show. The agency will be celebrated in our ASNOA Advantage e-newsletter,, across ASNOA social media, as well as recognized with the highest honor at ASNOA's Honorary Dinner.

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