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ASNOA is committed to maximizing Affiliate compensation through various annual Profit and Growth Agreements, as well as several New Business “Additional Compensation” offerings; putting more commission dollars in all Affiliates’ pockets. To make it simple, we've created a 2019 Bonus Program Matrix below!

2020 Profit Sharing & Contingency Programs

May 21, 2020

Please see the list of Profit Sharing/Contingency Programs that are in place for 2020 performance. This list is not meant to be totally inclusive, but yet does represent the vast majority of the programs that we have in place with our carrier partners this year. The matrix below lists out the programs by carrier, then reading across from left to right, displays which criteria are used in the qualification for each bonus. If the Loss Ratio column has “N/A”, that means Loss Ratio is not used as a criteria for qualifying for a given bonus.

We are truly excited to have these programs offered to our affiliates as part of the ASNOA Advantage; looking forward to another record breaking bonus compensation year for all!

As always, please feel to reach out to your local carrier sales manager for more detailed information on each of their additional compensation offerings for 2020. For questions regarding this article, contact Mike Petrocelli, ASNOA EVP, at

Of course, participation in any profit or volume bonus is always subject to the provisions and minimum requirements outlined in your Agency Alliance Agreement.

Carrier & Type of Bonus Offered for 2020ASNOA MinimumPIF GrowthWritten Premium GrowthLoss RatioLoss Ratio Threshold
AAA Dearborn - Profit Sharing & Growth AgreementYesYesYesYes55%
American Modern Profit and Growth AgreementYesYesYesYes56%
Berkshire Hathaway Guard - Agency Incentive ProgramYesYesYesYes50%
CSE - Elite Agent 1% overrideYesNoNoNoN/A
CSE - Profit SharingYesNoNoYes55%
First American - Profit and Growth AgreementYesNoYesYes50%
Foremost Auto - Profit and Growth AgreementYesNoYesYes63%
Foremost Specialty - Profit and Growth AgreementYesNoYesYes58%
Grange - Profit Sharing & Growth - Commercial LinesYesNoYesYes50%
Grange - Profit Sharing & Growth - Personal LinesYesNoYesYes55%
Grange - Profit Sharing & Growth - Specialty LinesYesNoNoYes52%
Hartford - STAG ONE New Business Additional CompensationNoNoNoNoN/A
Hartford - Small CL Partner Rewards ProgramYesYesNoYes50%
Integrity - Profity Sharing & Growth - Preferred LinesYesNoYesYes55%
Integrity - 1% overrideYesNoNoNoN/A
Liberty Mutual 5% Additional Commission on New BusinessNoNoNoNoN/A
Mercury Profit Sharing ProgramYesYesNoYes55%
MetLife H & A - 3 % Bonus Commission on GP/PackagesNoNoNoNoN/A
MetLife H & A - Profit Sharing & Growth - Personal LinesYesNoYesYes55%
Markel Profit Sharing PlanYesNoYesYes50%
National General Premier Profit & Growth AgreementYesNoYesYes55%
Nationwide Insurance - 5% Bonus commission on all New BusinessNoNoNoNoN/A
Nationwide Insurance Personal Lines Variable CompensationYesNoYesYes55%
Nationwide Insurance Commercial Lines Profit Share ProgramYesNoYesYes51%
Pekin - Profit Sharing Agreement - P & CYesNoNoYes55%
Pekin - Under of Writer of Merit Growth BonusYesNoYesN/AN/A
Progressive - Personal Lines Profit and Growth ProgramYesYesNoYes65%
Progressive - Platinum Bundled GrowthYesYesYesNoN/A
Rockford Mutual - Profit Sharing - PLYesNoNoYes50%
Rockford Mutual - Profit Sharing - CLYesNoNoYes50%
Safeco - NB Bonus Commission - 2% GuaranteeNoNoNoNoN/A
Safeco - NB Bonus Commission - 3% if Safeco MPR metYesNoNoNoN/A
Safeco - APS - Profit Sharing & Growth - Personal LinesYesNoYesYes56%
State Auto - Profit and Growth Plan - Commercial LinesYesNoYesYes50%
State Auto - Profit and Growth Plan - FarmYesNoYesYes46%
State Auto - Profit and Growth Plan - Personal LinesYesYesYesYes56%
Stillwater - Profit SharingYesNoYesYes54%
Travelers PL Performance PL ContigencyYesNoYesYes55%